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News Central

They say that “Sex is like snow, you never know how many inches you’re going to get or how long it will last.” Thankfully, I’m in southern California, so that’s irrelevant. Here at “Show Me the Honey”, we like to curate a nice gumbo full of helpful, noteworthy, humorous, and just plain fun stuff. We want to hear what you think about the newest “big kid” toys and we want to help you discover new ways to make hanky panky even more fun. We’ve literally got something for everyone, even if you’ve never colored outside the lines in the world of sex! Sex & Humor

You ever read a sex therapist’s stuff and feel like you’ve wasted fifteen minutes of your life that you demand to get back? Yea, so have I. “Sex & Humor” makes light of some of the awkward and boring mishaps that sex can sometimes bring about (like making out with a hottie and suddenly realizing the dog is humping their leg…awkward).


You remember that movie Babes in Toyland? Well this is not that. I feel like sex toys should have a legend on them that tells you the required expertise level to use them. Like a Buffalo Wild Wings does for its customers (see my suggested universal legend to the left). It’s a sliding scale, and we all lie somewhere on it. Some of us have limits, and some of us are just wusses. But that’s okay, we’re going to school you on the best and newest stuff out there made just for you to get off.

Sexual Wellness

Part of being sexual beings sometimes means there are health risks. Whether it’s about germs, scams, or topics you should discuss with your doctor or your partner, we want you aware and we want you to live a nice, healthy life chock-full of pleasure.


If you’ve gone to see that movie Neighbors, you’ve probably been curious about making your own schlong for those lonely nights (or adventurous nights). D.I.Y. (or Do It Yourself) is everything from sexually arousing recipes to homemade toys. Part of a wedding party? D.I.Y. is perfect for finding personalized and fun gifts to make for your closest friends.

News Central

The adult industry can be pretty interesting and we like to keep up with it. News Central keeps up with all of the happenings that affect the adult industry. We’ll also keep you up to date with what’s happening over our way at Honey’s Place.


Many of our loyal clients are business owners, working full time to supply people with products that enhance their love lives. This section of Show Me the Honey provides adult novelty entrepreneurs with tools to better their business in e-commerce, drop shipping, social media, advertising, events, and customer service. We’re excited to take you along the ride with us. Just make sure you wait an hour after eating to come along.


Oh wait, no that’s swimming.

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