The Foot Fetish: Whose Idea was This?!

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What is a Fetish Anyways?

Fetishes have been around much longer than I’d care to admit, but we’re gonna dig into one that’s pretty “common” in the world of fetishes: the foot fetish. It actually known as the most popular and documented fetishes in the world. A fetish, simply put, is a sexual attraction or arousal by some kind of object. In this case, the foot sexually arouses those with a foot fetish, whether it be feet in heels, boots, stockings, or just bare feet. The first mention of a foot fetish was in the thirteenth century. Let’s marinate on that for a few moments.

Honey’s Place Celebrates 20 Years

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Adult novelty and romance products distributor Honey’s Place will be celebrating its 20th anniversary of operation this fall at the Las Vegas International Lingerie Show.  The growing company has experienced a whirlwind of evolution these past two decades, and it will be showing appreciation and thanks to the customers and partners who have played a part in its success with an intimate dinner party.