CalExotics’ 20th Anniversary Honored by Honey’s Place

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Written By: Bob Johnson

SusanCalifornia Exotic Novelties has been honored by Honey’s Place with a commemorative statue recognizing the company’s 20th anniversary.

“What a beautiful statue. We’re so lucky to have such amazing, supportive distribution partners like Honey’s Place. We’re incredibly touched by their thoughtfulness. Thank you for this recognition, we will treasure it always,” CEO Susan Colvin said.

The company noted that Colvin launched the company in 1994 with a single mission in mind: to create quality products with the features and benefits that women and couples wanted. The company quickly set the standard for pleasure products in the industry and is famous for introducing many innovations into the market.

Among its achievements are: packaging with personality, the introduction of feminine colors like pink and purple, marketing the Original Jack Rabbit, releasing a water-proof line of toys, making a remote-control egg-style vibrator, advertising and follow up with manufacturer warranties through Vibetronics, making products with 100 percent premium silicone,and  creating pulsating vibrators made in the U.S.

Other accomplishments include the introduction of rechargeable rabbit-style vibrators, manufacturing a talking vibrator, bringing an eco-friendly, solar-powered toy to market, employing an all-women product development team, designing butterfly-style vibrators, and conforming to EU directives.

CalExotics was also an early adapter of RoHS and WEEE standards for motors, though there was no requirement to do so in the in U.S.

“Susan is a pioneer in the industry. She was the first to create sensual products geared toward women and couples starting 20 years ago,” said Bonnie Feingold, President and CEO of Honey’s Place.

She added, “Susan continues to raise the bar in our industry by improving the quality of the products and packaging at California Exotic Novelties. She is an amazing person and has built an innovative company. I am honored to have her in my life and to call her a friend and mentor. It is her hard work ethic, innovation and the way she does business which has allowed CalExotics to become one of the largest and most successful companies in the industry.”

To read the entire history of CalExotics, visit the 20th anniversary page at

Family Ties – Heather Feingold

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Honey’s Place Marketing Coordinator Heather Feingold Follows Family Footsteps

We can’t help but be proud of Heather.  She has been in her role for about a year, however as the third generation working in the family business, her dedication is inherent.  Beginning her career in the pleasure products industry as a receptionist at Honey’s Place,  Heather has moved up to the role of marketing coordinator.  She is a star in Honey’s Place because she takes pride in her work and has crated several successful ad campaigns for both Honey’s Place and Build the Store.   XBIZ features Heather in their popular segment, “Women in Adult“.

To read the entire article: Either Click on the article or go to Page 92 XBIZ Premiere December 2014 edition.

Thanks to Ariana Rodriguez for writing an amazing article.

How To Feel Sexier In Lingerie

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There’s something magical about the wCoquette Lingerieay lingerie can make you feel. Putting the lacy teddy and thong set on is downright exhilarating and empowering all at the same time! No matter how unattractive yoHOT-96005BLKu feel or what perceive yourself to be, all that disappears the moment you put on some lingerie. And it doesn’t even have to be something super naughty like crotchless panties since even a simple matching bra and panty set can do wonders for your confidence.

Every woman should at least own one lingerie set to wear when she needs a pick me up or wants to ravish her partner in bed. Here are some ways to embrace your inner vixen and feel sexier in lingerie:

EM-8631Choose lingerie that you feel comfortable in

For women who can’t seem to ever feel comfortable in any lingerie, their problem might be that they haven’t found a set that they’re comfortable in yet. Like regular clothes, there are so many different styles to choose from. You’ll have to choose a style that makes you feel good and confident. Here are of the most popular lingerie styles:

Chemises – these are short nightgowns that are made of light material like silk and are adorned with lace and frilly things.

Camisole – A very short, loose fitting top that goes right to your wait and can even be worn as a top to go out in. They usually come with a pair of matching panties.

STM-9945PEMEBaby Doll – As one of the most popular lingerie styles on the market, it’s like a chemise and a camisole mixed into one. It goes until your stomach before breaking out to be float away from your hips. It usually has a pair of matching panties, too.

Teddy – A teddy is like a lacy see-through bathing suit with a thong rear.

BustiSTM-9947PREDMer/Corset – These are tight around your chest and midsection and is either laced or hooked in the back. They’re supposed to give you an hourglass figure.

Garter Stockings – These are worn with any of the above and feature a clip for thigh-high stockings.

Bra and Panty set – Any matching bra and panty set can be classified as lingerie.

ALR-10-8402XKPlus Size – The great thing about lingerie is that it comes in various sizes. So even if you’re plus size, you can find beautiful versions of the aforementioned styles in whatever size you are.

Set the mood

To help you feel even sexier in your lingerie, set the mood. It can help makes things less awkward and heighten your sexual awareness. Light candles, put on slow music, pop open a bottle of wine and you’ll soon feel sexier than ever!

Have fun

When you wear lingerie, you shouldn’t only feel sexier, but freer. Have fun with it and embrace your newfound brazenness and just go with it. Play the sex kitten in your own sexual movie and your partner won’t hesitate to join in on all the fun!

Alternative Uses for Sex Toys

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Many common objects could be used in a variety of ways. If something looks like it could be used a certain way it probably can. In this article I am going to explain how many common sex toys could be used in various ways to accomplish basic tasks, such as: cleaning, accessorizing, decorating, furniture care, and health. Many of which are not something you would have thought of, but can be used quite efficiently.

Feather Teaser

Tigs and Fetish Fantasy Feather TicklerFeather teasers usually come in a very basic shape, try to find some interesting uses for them. The use of feathers can become an intricate way to decorate.  They can be used to decorate bathroom cups, vases, or as some added flare around picture frames. Feather teasers can be used in many ways. Some feather teasers such as Pipedream’s Love Feathers can be used for hair accessories such as hair sticks and many feather teasers work well as cat toys so your cat can get more exercise.


Cockrings come in basic shapes so they can have a range of dynamic uses. Think of a basic rubber band and all the ways it could be used. Cockrings could easily be used as hair ties, bracelets, and even curtain ties. Rubber bands are so common most people use them without even noticing. Next time you have a use for a rubber band try using a cockring instead to add a more artistic touch around the house or even at the office.


shower_-02-lrgSex In The Shower

The shower can be a slippery dangerous place. If you have a house with small children, elderly, or just acre to feel more secure in your shower consider trying various products from Sportsheets Sex in the Shower Line.  The Sex In The Shower Line  includes things such as suction cup handles so you can enjoy an easier time doing things such as shaving your legs securely without contorting yourself into strange positions just to prevent falling. 


Rubber Sex SheetsSex Sheets To Protect your mattress

An excellent way to keep your mattress clean would be to try out some rubber sex sheets. Rubber Sex Sheets could help to keep your mattress safe from disaster such as pets and children. Keeping your mattress protected could save you hundreds to even thousands of dollars as opposed to buying a new mattress once yours is destroyed from that pet urine smell that just won’t come out. Rubber bed sheets could protect your house from all kinds of household incidents. They even come with the option of purchasing pillow cases so your bed can be completely protected or just have a fun design to accent your bed. You and your partner could have romantic evenings without worry while you drink champagne in bed or just enjoy the sensation of the texture of your new mattress together.


blog_0001_Layer Comp 2 (1)Penis Pump

A penis pump is basically just a type of pump. When you feel you are finished with your penis pump, try to find a way to recycle it instead of just throwing it in the trash. As shown in this buzzfeed article, a penis pump could be used for unclogging household drains for your kitchen or bathroom. Some penis pumps can make for some serious pumping; the Bionic Electric Pump by Size Matters provides even flow of pressure and lets you adjust suction intensity with a gauge that allows you to view the exact pressure level. no one really wants to buy a pump for repairs, so next time you get sick of your penis pump and want a new one consider keeping or old one around just in case you find a handy use for it later.


Vibratorsblog_0000_Layer Comp 1 (1)

Vibrators can cause many sensations in many ways. They can be very useful to aid in relaxation and and have an interesting affect on all types of muscles. Many vibrators such as the Lelo Smart Wand are perfectly designed to be used as a back massager. You could also use toys such as the Jimmyjane Hello Touch to get into things such as acupressure for a really fine tuned massage that can remedy ailments. Try using the Hello Touch no on the palms, feet, and scalp for some extreme relaxation.

(Thanks to Deandra for being such a great model).

What other products should we be adding to this list?








Honey’s Place and Build the Store Receives Multiple XBIZ Awards Nominations

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Companies Picks Up a Total of Five Nominations

San Fernando, CA: Honey’s Place and Build the Store, is honored to be nominated with two distribution nominations and three leadership nominations from industry publication XBIZ.

The two distribution nominations are for “Pleasure Products Distributor of the Year” and “Progressive Distributor of the Year”. The two nominations recognize excellence in the field of adult sensuality distribution. Honey’s Place President and CEO Bonnie Feingold, says about the nominations: “We strive everyday to provide our customers at Honey’s Place with the best product selection and impeccable customer service. Although we do is not for the recognition, it such an honor that we were nominated.”


In addition to the distribution nominations, Honey’s Place and Build the Store garnered three Executive Leadership nominations.

Director of Technology and creator of Build the Store Erik Van Riper is been nominated for excellence in Tech Leadership. “I am really happy to be nominated, and honored to be included in a group of such hard working, dedicated professionals”, stated Erik.

Inga Van Riper, Brand Strategist with Build the Store program, received a nod as “Brand Ambassador of the Year” for her stellar works in cultivating and growing the Build the Store brand. “The nomination was a huge surprise. Many of the people who were nominated in this category, are the same people I looked to as mentors when I first started in the industry”, says Inga.

It should also be noted that Erik and Inga Van Riper are the first husband and wife team to gain nominations in the same XBIZ awards show.

The last nomination is for Bonnie Feingold. The Honey’s Place CEO and President has garnered a nomination for “Businesswoman of the Year”.  Upon hearing about the nomination, Bonnie says, “I never expected to be nominated let alone win last year”. “There are so many deserving women in our industry. I am both humbled and honored to be nominated again this year”.

Honey’s Place and Build the Store would like to thank XBIZ, our customers, and the industry for the nominations and wish all the nominees good luck.

XBIZ Awards voting ends at midnight on Sunday December 7th. You can vote for Honey’s Place and other outstanding companies and individuals by visiting: