Alternative Uses for Sex Toys

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Many common objects could be used in a variety of ways. If something looks like it could be used a certain way it probably can. In this article I am going to explain how many common sex toys could be used in various ways to accomplish basic tasks, such as: cleaning, accessorizing, decorating, furniture care, and health. Many of which are not something you would have thought of, but can be used quite efficiently.

Feather Teaser

Tigs and Fetish Fantasy Feather TicklerFeather teasers usually come in a very basic shape, try to find some interesting uses for them. The use of feathers can become an intricate way to decorate.  They can be used to decorate bathroom cups, vases, or as some added flare around picture frames. Feather teasers can be used in many ways. Some feather teasers such as Pipedream’s Love Feathers can be used for hair accessories such as hair sticks and many feather teasers work well as cat toys so your cat can get more exercise.


Cockrings come in basic shapes so they can have a range of dynamic uses. Think of a basic rubber band and all the ways it could be used. Cockrings could easily be used as hair ties, bracelets, and even curtain ties. Rubber bands are so common most people use them without even noticing. Next time you have a use for a rubber band try using a cockring instead to add a more artistic touch around the house or even at the office.


shower_-02-lrgSex In The Shower

The shower can be a slippery dangerous place. If you have a house with small children, elderly, or just acre to feel more secure in your shower consider trying various products from Sportsheets Sex in the Shower Line.  The Sex In The Shower Line  includes things such as suction cup handles so you can enjoy an easier time doing things such as shaving your legs securely without contorting yourself into strange positions just to prevent falling. 


Rubber Sex SheetsSex Sheets To Protect your mattress

An excellent way to keep your mattress clean would be to try out some rubber sex sheets. Rubber Sex Sheets could help to keep your mattress safe from disaster such as pets and children. Keeping your mattress protected could save you hundreds to even thousands of dollars as opposed to buying a new mattress once yours is destroyed from that pet urine smell that just won’t come out. Rubber bed sheets could protect your house from all kinds of household incidents. They even come with the option of purchasing pillow cases so your bed can be completely protected or just have a fun design to accent your bed. You and your partner could have romantic evenings without worry while you drink champagne in bed or just enjoy the sensation of the texture of your new mattress together.


blog_0001_Layer Comp 2 (1)Penis Pump

A penis pump is basically just a type of pump. When you feel you are finished with your penis pump, try to find a way to recycle it instead of just throwing it in the trash. As shown in this buzzfeed article, a penis pump could be used for unclogging household drains for your kitchen or bathroom. Some penis pumps can make for some serious pumping; the Bionic Electric Pump by Size Matters provides even flow of pressure and lets you adjust suction intensity with a gauge that allows you to view the exact pressure level. no one really wants to buy a pump for repairs, so next time you get sick of your penis pump and want a new one consider keeping or old one around just in case you find a handy use for it later.


Vibratorsblog_0000_Layer Comp 1 (1)

Vibrators can cause many sensations in many ways. They can be very useful to aid in relaxation and and have an interesting affect on all types of muscles. Many vibrators such as the Lelo Smart Wand are perfectly designed to be used as a back massager. You could also use toys such as the Jimmyjane Hello Touch to get into things such as acupressure for a really fine tuned massage that can remedy ailments. Try using the Hello Touch no on the palms, feet, and scalp for some extreme relaxation.

(Thanks to Deandra for being such a great model).

What other products should we be adding to this list?








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