How To Feel Sexier In Lingerie

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There’s something magical about the wCoquette Lingerieay lingerie can make you feel. Putting the lacy teddy and thong set on is downright exhilarating and empowering all at the same time! No matter how unattractive yoHOT-96005BLKu feel or what perceive yourself to be, all that disappears the moment you put on some lingerie. And it doesn’t even have to be something super naughty like crotchless panties since even a simple matching bra and panty set can do wonders for your confidence.

Every woman should at least own one lingerie set to wear when she needs a pick me up or wants to ravish her partner in bed. Here are some ways to embrace your inner vixen and feel sexier in lingerie:

EM-8631Choose lingerie that you feel comfortable in

For women who can’t seem to ever feel comfortable in any lingerie, their problem might be that they haven’t found a set that they’re comfortable in yet. Like regular clothes, there are so many different styles to choose from. You’ll have to choose a style that makes you feel good and confident. Here are of the most popular lingerie styles:

Chemises – these are short nightgowns that are made of light material like silk and are adorned with lace and frilly things.

Camisole – A very short, loose fitting top that goes right to your wait and can even be worn as a top to go out in. They usually come with a pair of matching panties.

STM-9945PEMEBaby Doll – As one of the most popular lingerie styles on the market, it’s like a chemise and a camisole mixed into one. It goes until your stomach before breaking out to be float away from your hips. It usually has a pair of matching panties, too.

Teddy – A teddy is like a lacy see-through bathing suit with a thong rear.

BustiSTM-9947PREDMer/Corset – These are tight around your chest and midsection and is either laced or hooked in the back. They’re supposed to give you an hourglass figure.

Garter Stockings – These are worn with any of the above and feature a clip for thigh-high stockings.

Bra and Panty set – Any matching bra and panty set can be classified as lingerie.

ALR-10-8402XKPlus Size – The great thing about lingerie is that it comes in various sizes. So even if you’re plus size, you can find beautiful versions of the aforementioned styles in whatever size you are.

Set the mood

To help you feel even sexier in your lingerie, set the mood. It can help makes things less awkward and heighten your sexual awareness. Light candles, put on slow music, pop open a bottle of wine and you’ll soon feel sexier than ever!

Have fun

When you wear lingerie, you shouldn’t only feel sexier, but freer. Have fun with it and embrace your newfound brazenness and just go with it. Play the sex kitten in your own sexual movie and your partner won’t hesitate to join in on all the fun!

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