Honey’s Place Starts New Year With Two Major Industry Awards

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Manufacturer Takes Home Two XBIZ
For Business Woman of the Year & Excellence in Tech Leadership

San Fernando – JANUARY 26, 2015 – Leading pleasure products distributor Honey’s Place, began the New Year on a high note with two of it’s key executives winning awards at the 2015 XBIZ Industry Exec Awards which were held in Los Angeles on January 14th. The XBIZ Industry Exec Awards celebrate exceptional career achievement for executives working within the companies that manufacture, market & sell adult oriented merchandise.

During the 2015 dinner and ceremony two Honey’s Place team members took home awards including CEO Bonnie Feingold for Business Woman of the Year and Director of Technology Erik Van Riper for Excellence in Tech Leadership.


“Honey’s Place has grown tremendously this year” says Feingold. “Because of our hard work, we are now a full-service distribution house covering all sectors of the pleasure products market. I am humbled to receive an award this award and to continue to focus our business on the success of our customers. It feels incredible to know that so many of our customers and vendors took notice of our accomplishments this past year.”

An example of Honey’s Place customer service oriented business model is the distributor’s Build the Store program, an incredibly successful commerce solution for stores or individuals who want to sell adult merchandise online. Build the Store platform was created by Erik Van Riper, who received the Excellence in Tech Leadership award at the XBIZ Executive Awards ceremony.

“Winning an award based on voting by industry colleagues is a truly wonderful feeling,” he says. “I’m grateful to those who voted for me after seeing how much our dedicated team at Honey’s Place put into creating Build the Store. I have immense gratitude toward Bonnie and Honey’s Place for giving me the opportunity to cultivate new ideas and teach the craft to others. It’s great to be part of a leading team of people who believe in utilizing the technology of tomorrow now while remaining true to the principles that it started with.”

Sellers Outside the State of California: Do You Need to Register with the BOE?

CA Resale Info

Honey’s Place requires its purchasers to register for a California sales tax permit if they will have Honey’s Place ship goods directly to any of their customers located in California. California Law CA Board of Equalization requires taxes to be collected on all orders shipped from the Honey’s Place warehouse, since it is located in California, to a consumer located in California. When Honey’s Place delivers goods directly to your customer (the consumer) the transaction is called a drop shipment.

What is Drop Shipping?

A drop shipment is a sale of tangible personal property (TPP), in which the seller accepts an order from a customer, places the order with a third party vendor (such as Honey’s Place or another wholesaler), and the seller directs his vendor (e.g. Honey’s Place) to deliver the item directly to the customer rather than himself.

Typically, drop shipment transactions involve two businesses, two sales, and one consumer: 

  • The true retailer is an out-of-state business. The true retailer sells the product to the California consumer.
  • The drop shipper, (e.g. Honey’s Place) sells the product to the true retailer, but ships the product directly to the California consumer on behalf of the true retailer.
  • The consumer in California buys and receives the product.

Which states consider drop shipping a nexus-creating activity?

In NY, FL and CA, the use of an in-state drop shipper by an out-of-state retailer is sometimes considered a nexus-creating relationship. In California, if a drop shipper delivers goods on a remote seller’s behalf, sales tax must be collected.

What is Nexus?

Nexus is when a non-resident seller creates a substantial, frequent and continuous, physical presence in the state. This includes, employees, drop shippers and affiliates.

Do I need to collect California sales and use tax when my business is located outside the state to use Honey’s Place drop shipping services:

If your business is outside the state of California and you have set up a drop ship account with Honey’s Place, we require you to have a CA resale certificate.

This is for all orders shipped from the Honey’s Place warehouse including:

  • Orders from your own website
  • Orders from Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Sears or any other online retailer
  • Any order that we are shipping products on your behalf through U.S. Mail, FedEx, UPS or another common carrier.

Under California Law, Honey’s Place must either charge sales tax on the California drop shipments or obtain a resale certificate from customers (the seller/retailer). Honey’s Place does not charge tax to the retailer or consumer. A seller must register with California in order to issue a California resale certificate. It is important to understand that if you call the California Board of Equalization (BOE) regarding your sales tax registration requirement they will advise on your registration requirement is based on whether you have created nexus in California. As an out of state Internet seller how you conduct your business determines whether you have nexus in California.

Note:  For customers who is out of the state of California, after completing your California Resale Certificate,  you must call  (916) 227-6600 to complete your application process.

Please keep in mind that when Honey’s Place delivers goods to a California location for you, the sale is subject to California sales tax even if the BOE advises you that you do not have nexus. The tax requirement the state of California places on Honey’s Place is why Honey’s Place requires all of its purchasers who will have the company drop ship goods for them to register in California or pay sales tax on the orders.

For more information on the out of state application process, click here.  

If you have any questions about Dropshipping or Nexus,  contact your Honey’s Place Account Manager or email sales@honeysplace.com 


Honey's Place Reports Record Breaking Growth in 2014

Honey’s Place Reports Record Sales in 2014

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Distributor Experiences  Its Best Year Ever and Looks Forward to A Successful 2015 

Honey’s Place reports its best year ever with historic sales in 2014. The distributor, which sells merchandise such as adult novelties, lingerie,  party supplies, and bath and body products, has established itself as the place to go to for all types of products that meets our clients needs including Brick and Mortar, Online retail, Home Party and Drop Shipping.

“I attribute our recent success, to our proven ability to choose and offer the best-of-the-best, when it comes to pleasure products.” says Kyle Tutino, Director of Purchasing at Honey’s Place. “By bringing in well established and recognizable brand names such as the Original Magic Wand, Jimmyjane and others, Honey’s Place has been able to continue to grow even during difficult economic time periods.”

In addition to offering the best products to meet their customer’s needs , Honey’s Place has remained on the forefront of technology, which in turn benefits their customers. Over upgraded our infrastructure, current website, easy to use API and XML data feeds.   One of the key Technology strategies Honey’s Place has set in place, is it’s award winning Build The Store program, which takes the guess work out of creating an online store. Buildthestore.com allows anyone to create their own unique online retail environment with a wide array of the best brands and merchandise available. “During the last year, we identified many different areas we could improve on & automate,” says Erik Van Riper, Director of Technology at Honey’s Place. “Making these types of changes has allowed the company to excel in identifying our customer’s needs, while meeting them promptly and accurately.”

“The new products that Honey’s Place has brought in these past 12 months paid off with record revenue in 2014,” says Bonnie Feingold, President and CEO of Honey’s Place and BuildTheStore.com “Our sales pipeline is growing and we are seeing good traction across all verticals, particularly from drop shipping. Honey’s Place leadership position in the company has also provided us with big opportunities to expand our client base by increasing the array of products we offer and by improving our technology.”


A Guide To Personal Lubricants

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Personal lubricant can take a normal sex session and really turn it into an all out love fest! Just because a woman can lubricate herself doesn’t mean she’ll be ready to go in seconds. It takes some time for a woman to get sexually aroused and be wet enough for great sex. But lube can fix that problem and aides in vaginal dryness. And lube can make wearing a condom feel even more pleasurable and natural. Even if the condom is already lubricated, most of the time they’re not lubed up enough and you’ll need a bit extra to really enjoy your sex session!

Many people think that it’s just for those who can’t get or stay wet, but lube is great for a variety of things. Here is some great information on the types of personal lubricants and their benefits:

There are three types of lube:

Silicone-based lubricants  – These lubes are made from silicone and can last for a long time. You can even use it in the water if you’d like and you’d still be able to feel its benefits. Many pre-lubed condoms use this type of lube, so you’re probably familiar with it already. It’s also fairly easy to wash off using soap and water and won’t stain your sheets. You can also use it with sex toys that aren’t made with silicone.

Oil-or Petroleum-based lubricants – They are popular mostly in the gay community, but not used much anywhere else.   Lube that’s oil-or petroleum-based tend to last for a long time and are hard to clean up. They are also not compatible with condoms made from latex or silicone, as well as any sex toy made from either.

Water-based lubricants – This lube is made from water and glycerin and is the best one to use everyday (even for vaginal dryness when no sex is involved). It’s really easy to clean and can be used during sex, masturbation and with sex toys and condoms. It’s sold in different consistencies, ranging from very runny to thick like a gel. To wash off, just use water.

All three types of lubricants come in a variety of different options that offer various flavors, scent and even sensations. Often considered “arousal lubes” these specialized lubricants will enhance your sexual activity by warming, tingling and adding some zing to your pleasure. Flavored lubes are supposed to taste and smell delicious, which takes sex up a notch or two. There are even organic lubes for those who life an organic life. And those who have sensitive skin can opt for natural lubes that won’t irritate one’s skin.


Lubricants are perhaps the greatest invention; second only to the sex toy. While lubricants can be used to solve sexual issues like vaginal dryness,  lubricants can be more than something to use only when you ‘need’ it.  Choosing the right  lubricant an essential ingredient for turning dry and uncomfortable sex into fun slippery sex.

The right personal lubricant can also:

  • Enhance sensations
  • Help you have sex longer.
  • Safer Sex by reducing the condom will break and friction that can cause small cuts in the skin.
  • Eliminate discomfort from dry sex.

Honey’s Place has one of the largest selection of  lubricants in the market.  Wet Platinum is one of the most popular brands in the market today and is a great up-selling opportunity for any store.