A Guide To Personal Lubricants

Sexual Wellness

Personal lubricant can take a normal sex session and really turn it into an all out love fest! Just because a woman can lubricate herself doesn’t mean she’ll be ready to go in seconds. It takes some time for a woman to get sexually aroused and be wet enough for great sex. But lube can fix that problem and aides in vaginal dryness. And lube can make wearing a condom feel even more pleasurable and natural. Even if the condom is already lubricated, most of the time they’re not lubed up enough and you’ll need a bit extra to really enjoy your sex session!

Many people think that it’s just for those who can’t get or stay wet, but lube is great for a variety of things. Here is some great information on the types of personal lubricants and their benefits:

There are three types of lube:

Silicone-based lubricants  – These lubes are made from silicone and can last for a long time. You can even use it in the water if you’d like and you’d still be able to feel its benefits. Many pre-lubed condoms use this type of lube, so you’re probably familiar with it already. It’s also fairly easy to wash off using soap and water and won’t stain your sheets. You can also use it with sex toys that aren’t made with silicone.

Oil-or Petroleum-based lubricants – They are popular mostly in the gay community, but not used much anywhere else.   Lube that’s oil-or petroleum-based tend to last for a long time and are hard to clean up. They are also not compatible with condoms made from latex or silicone, as well as any sex toy made from either.

Water-based lubricants – This lube is made from water and glycerin and is the best one to use everyday (even for vaginal dryness when no sex is involved). It’s really easy to clean and can be used during sex, masturbation and with sex toys and condoms. It’s sold in different consistencies, ranging from very runny to thick like a gel. To wash off, just use water.

All three types of lubricants come in a variety of different options that offer various flavors, scent and even sensations. Often considered “arousal lubes” these specialized lubricants will enhance your sexual activity by warming, tingling and adding some zing to your pleasure. Flavored lubes are supposed to taste and smell delicious, which takes sex up a notch or two. There are even organic lubes for those who life an organic life. And those who have sensitive skin can opt for natural lubes that won’t irritate one’s skin.


Lubricants are perhaps the greatest invention; second only to the sex toy. While lubricants can be used to solve sexual issues like vaginal dryness,  lubricants can be more than something to use only when you ‘need’ it.  Choosing the right  lubricant an essential ingredient for turning dry and uncomfortable sex into fun slippery sex.

The right personal lubricant can also:

  • Enhance sensations
  • Help you have sex longer.
  • Safer Sex by reducing the condom will break and friction that can cause small cuts in the skin.
  • Eliminate discomfort from dry sex.

Honey’s Place has one of the largest selection of  lubricants in the market.  Wet Platinum is one of the most popular brands in the market today and is a great up-selling opportunity for any store.

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