Build Your Own Halloween Costume

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As a store owner, stocking up with hundreds of halloween costumes can be expensive.  Instead of buying  complete costumes,  have you thought about bringing in individual pieces and have your customers build their own Sexy Halloween costumes?   Best of all, these sexy accessories can be sold all year long so you don’t have to worry about storing costumes away until next year.

 “Honey’s Place is really excited about Halloween this year.  With the addition of Leg Avenue’s costume kits, hosiery and accessories, we have expanded our costume selection by offering our store owners  with the ‘Build Your Own Costume’ concept”. Kyle Tutino, Purchasing Director, Honey’s Place

French Maid

LA-A1971 LA-83609BLKSMWhen it comes to Halloween costumes, you won’t be disappointed in dressing up as sexy French Maid.  By combining this 4-piece French Maid Accessory Kit and this sexy Petticoat Dress, both from Leg Avenue,  is guaranteed head turner.

Sexy Cop

LA-85047SLA-3761Looking this good should be criminal!  Stop Traffic by with this Sexy Cop Assemble.  Start with the Lame Zipper Front Catsuit, add  the police hat and a pair of handcuffs to complete this cop costume.  No one will want to escape from you anytime soon.


Red Devil

Bring out the Little Devil in everyone with these naughty devil assemble. These adult sexy devil costumes will make you devilishly good looking!   Combine this blazing hot Catsuit  with wings, headband and a devilish tail, or show some skin with this smoking hot Petticoat Dress and Naughty Devil Kit.  All from Leg Avenue.

LA-85345REDS LA-2061 LA-2613 LA-83609REDSM

Frisky Kitty

Feel like being a naughty little kitty? This sexy kitten kits are tantalizing and will accent your wild kitty cat attitude purrrfectly. Start with this 3 piece Pretty Kitty kit and pair it with this sleek spandex catsuit.  Or create the wet look  with this Femme Fetale Cat Mask and matching Lame Zipper Front Cat Suit.


LA-85345BLKSLA-2056LA-A1048 LA-85047S


To see our entire Halloween Buying Guide…. Click Here!! or contact your Honey’s Place Account Manager, today.  

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