Why Does Brick & Mortar Stores Need to be Online?

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In recent years many brick and mortar stores had to ask the question should I be online?  The question should be why aren’t you?  You have worked hard and you have a successful  brick and mortar retail store.  You love the experience of  talking to your customers, and seeing the looks on their faces when you help them find exactly what you want. You love the personal interaction.   But do you know you can still interact with your customers online?

Everyone loves accessibility. By making website, you’re giving people an online platform to buy bricks and mortar whenever they want, wherever they want and as much they want. People love doing things at a click and that’s exactly you’re providing them by moving your business online. It can affect the sales very profoundly. 

Here are some other reasons why having a website can help your business: 

Be Found:  You are able to reach out to more people.  Not only can you increase online sales, but by adding your address to your website can help more people to come directly to your store.  A website is a great tool that potential customers can see how good you really are.

Convenience: Today’s customers value the ultimate of convenience. They want to research products and shop online. People today are looking for the convenience of a 24/7 store with unlimited options.   Building a web site today does not require a huge investment. There are many ecommerce platforms including BuildtheStore.com  that can help you set up your own website with product already preloaded onto the site.   For less than $75.00/month you can have a full-fledged  e-business site with all e-commerce features, including Local SEO and in store pickups.

Improve Your Image: Even with Adult stores today, a website show credibility of a store.  People don’t take your business seriously if you tell them that your store does not have a website.

If you don’t have a website like Build the Store to sell your products in conjunction with your physical location, you’re leaving money on the table and alienating a growing population of spenders such as Millennials. The trend is showing an increase of retail sales being made online, many of those being through mobile devices. This group, as well as Generation X and the upcoming Generation Z,wants instant access to retail purchases.  Not having a website can be a deal breaker when finding a new shop.

So when you’re making your website??

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