Honey’s Place Expands BDSM Line with New Joanna Angel Products

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San Fernando, CA. November 19, 2015, Forget about the gray, there is a new BDSM color in town and is now available at Honey’s Place.

Introducing the new colors of kink from the new Joanna Angel’s line of BDSM accessories from Kinklab. Evoking the adult film star’s personal style of Pink in black, the entire line combines punk rock with Barbie. Like each piece in the Joanna Angel Collection, this is designed in The Stockroom’s Los Angeles workshop, and comes in a specially selected color palate that evokes Joanna’s black mane with her signature streak of vibrant punk-pink.

AngelPowerPlayKyle Tutino, Honey’s Place Director of Purchasing says, “This line brings together the funny from the punk porn princess Joanna Angel and the quality fetish gear that Stockroom is known for”.

“I am truly honored to have my products distributed by another female-owned business like Honey’s Place, said the Punk Rock Starlet herself, Joanna Angel. “Working closely with Honey’s Place is very important to me, my company, and to The Stockroom. Everyone involved will benefit from this relationship. I look forward to getting all my amazing products from The Stockroom out to the masses.”

To order the Joanna Angel’s line of BDSM toys and accessories visit HoneysPlace.com or contact a Honey’s Place account manager at (800) 910-3246 or sales@honeysplace.com.


Honey’s Place Releases New Holiday Buyer’s Guide

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SAN FERNANDO, Calif., November 17, 2015 –With the holiday season fast approaching, it is time for retailers to start stocking up their stores with fun holiday selections.  To help entice consumers into the stores, Honey’s Place has created a brand new Holiday Buyer’s Guide.Holiday Guide

The Honey’s Place Holiday Buyer’s Guide was created by the purchasing department, headed by Honey’s Place very own Director of Purchasing, Kyle Tutino.   Through their research, they have determined the season’s trends that consumers will be purchasing this year.

“ Our Halloween supplement was such a success this year we have decided to do an addition of a Holiday gift guide”, stated Tutino. “ We think this will be a great selling tool for our customers on holiday specific items”.

This holiday buyer’s guide is packed with over 300 products from top manufacturers including, Kama Sutra, Lelo, Jimmy Jane, Ozze Collection, Earthly Body, and leading lingerie manufacturers such as Seven til’ Midnight, Rene Rofe and Leg Avenue. This guide is a great tool and is sure to help retailers to optimize their inventory for the upcoming holiday season.

For more information on the Honey’s Place Holiday Guide, click here or contact Honey’s Place at sales@honeysplace.com

New Store Check List

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One of the most exhilarating parts of opening your new store is the preparation and build up to the magical opening day. It can also one of the most exhausting, overwhelming, and frustrating parts of the endeavor as well.

Honey’s Place is here to help you to be successful.

We have put together a checklist on what you need to do,  and need to know to get your business off the ground!Grand opening 2

  1. Do your homework. Now, we won’t spend much time talking about this, because honestly, if you’re preparing to open your business you should have already done this. If you haven’t done this yet, either take the time to do it or hire someone who can. Find out your product viability, seek out the competition, assess the risk vs the reward. DO NOTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED THIS STEP.
  2. Consider your location. Does your business require street visibility? Do you expect walk in traffic? Is there a certain part of town that is more frequented by your target market? Take the time and find the right space and the right type of facility.
  3. Hire professional help. Sure, it is great that your sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s aunt is a lawyer. Don’t skimp on this aspect of it. Hire a professional lawyer for real estate and rental negotiations once you’ve determined what space you want.
  4. What is your vision. While the motto for real estate is ‘location, location, location’, the motto for retail space is ‘design, design, design’. Create a design that expresses your business, your goals, your product.
  5. Establish your brand. This is different than vision. Your brand is how people will recognize you and first experience your business. It is your letterhead, your uniforms, your correspondence, your website. It is everything. Your vision is how you portray yourself: Your brand is who you are.
  6. Create Your Logo. You can work with a professional designer or with sites such as Fiverr.com to create a logo that sends the correct message about your store’s vision and brand.
  7. Get the permits and a real timeline from construction. So many businesses set themselves back and hurt their chances of long term success (or even fail) because of poor planning when getting permits. Permits take time. Construction takes time. Plan accordingly.

This is just the first in a long list of steps to help get your physical business started. We haven’t even talked about furniture, operations, retail supplies, hiring, human resources, taxes, policy creation, marketing, and social media. These steps just get you to the point of physically creating your space.



Honey’s Place Now Carries Master Series’ Prostatic Play

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Honey’s Place announced today the release the entire line from XR Brands’ Master Series Prostatic Play collection.

Designed for men by men, the Prostatic Play is a collection of prostate massagers and stimulators created especially for more advanced users. The Prostatic Play line features more ergonomic curves, powerful erection enhancement, and 100 percent body-safe materials. Customers will love the affordable price points and the product selection that will make it easier for shoppers to find the right p-spot tool that is right for them.

According to Honey’s Place Director of Purchasing Kyle Tutino, “with September being the month to promote prostate awareness we are so excited to get in the Master Series Prostatic Play from XR Brands. It is great to see more products that promote both pleasure and sexual health”.MSPP-AD586

“We’re proud to launch the Master Series’ Prostatic Play with Honey’s Place”, said XR Brands’ Director of Sales and Marketing, Rebecca Weinberg. “Master Series’ Prostatic Play consists of beautifully designed prostate stimulators made from high quality materials and electronics. With whisper quiet motors, ultra powerful and silky smooth silicone is displayed throughout the line”. Weinberg added, the packaging includes a sleek teal foil backdrop that pops the items out on the retailers’ shelves. Sales so far have shown that this new look/line is a homegrown with consumers”.

Prostatic Play was created for a man who is ready for the next level or prostate play. These new designs are popular shapes will give a more intense prostate experience.

Contact a Honey’s Place Account manager today to bring the XR Brands’ Collection to your stores at 800-910-3246 or email sales@honeysplace.com

Oxballs Signs Partnership With Honey’s Place

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Honey’s Place is very proud to announce a new distribution agreement with extreme play BDSM line, Oxballs. Affordably priced for the retailer and the consumer, Oxballs and Atomic Jock ranges a perfect addition any store.

OX-1065-BLKOxballs keeps the broad scope of male consumers in mind by offering a wide selection of toys that range from creative cock rings, cock sheaths and dildos to more extreme tools for satisfying even the wildest of imaginations. They do their market research and each item is tested and approved by men and women to assure quality and satisfaction.

“It is truly an honor to be partnering with Honey’s Place”, commented Ryan Fraga, Oxballs Sales & Marketing Director.   “A powerful international entity, Honey’s continuously exceeds industry expectations as a distributor that’s dedicated to the success of retailers and its vendors”. “Oxballs”, continued Fraga, “is excited to continue to grow and expand our reach domestically and abroad, while contributing to the ongoing success of Honey’s Place clientele”.

“When we toured the Oxballs’ facility we were so impressed with the attention to detail on each and every product,” stated Kyle Tutino, Purchasing Director at Honey’s Place.   “The Oxballs’ team is passionate about making products that their loyal following wants and needs”.

According to Oxballs’ Owner & Designer, Stephen Lane, AKA “OX”, “Oxballs is, cutting edge designs inspired by a man’s kink. We take pride in our innovative designs, which are approachable to a wide demographic of men. Our designs are not only built for comfort but are made for hard use”. Ox added, “Oxballs products regularly become a guy’s favorite toy — one that he can’t live without and recommends to his buddies. We’re continuously humbled and flattered by the incredible feedback that we get from our customers and wholesale partner at Honey’s Place”.


“Oxballs has a strong following in the gay community.” Their attention to detail is what makes them successful and different from other brands,” stated Bonnie Feingold, President and CEO of Honey’s Place. “I’m positive that our customers”, added Feingold, “will be just as thrilled as we are about Honey’s Place adding Oxballs to our ever growing diverse inventory — we look forward to help growing their brand and our future partnership.”

For more information about the Oxballs and Atomic Jock lines, visit HoneysPlace.com or contact a Honey’s Place account manager at (800) 910-3246 or sales@honeysplace.com.

Honey’s Place Earns 5 XBIZ Exec Award Nominations

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San Fernando, CA. – November 3rd, 2015 – Honey’s Place, the leading distributor of sex toys, party supplies and lingerie, announce that their management team has been nominated for five XBIZ 2016 Executive Award nominations in the following categories:

  • Business Woman of the Year: Bonnie Feingold
  • Marketing Executive of the Year: Heather Feingold
  • Senior Leadership Award: Kyle Tutino
  • Tech Leadership Award: Erik Van Riper
  • Progressive Leadership Award: Inga Van Riper

Selection of nominees was based on a multitude of factors including leadership ability, positive community influence and overall career success as submitted by industry of their peers.

” Honey’s Place would like to thank XBIZ and their entire staff for the five XBIZ Exec nominations”, stated Bonnie Feingold, President and CEO of Honey’s Place. “We are all very grateful and honored to be nominated for such prestigious awards”. “My leadership team has worked very hard this year and I am very proud of each one for being recognized by their peers for their hard work”.

The XBIZ Exec Awards spotlight outstanding individuals who play a key role in the success of prominent brands. The award categories cover a range of occupations that make up the organizational chart of industry enterprises, covering business development, marketing, management, chief executives and more.

XBIZ Retail Exec Awards dinner will be held at Andaz Hotel on Hollywood’s famed Sunset Strip, on the evening of January 14, 2016.  The voting period runs through Nov. 15 at midnight. Votes can be submitted through XBIZ.net here.