Honey’s Place Announces New Features


SAN FERNANDO, Calif. – Sex toy distributor Honey’s Place now offers new features to commercial customers who visit the company’s website, Honeysplace.com.

Since the launch of the redesigned website in February, Honeysplace.com has continued improve and add features to enhance the order process for both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce customers.

“Honey’s Place has had an online presence since 2005. Over the years, it has enjoyed great success,” said Bonnie Feingold, the company’s president and chief executive officer. “Going beyond merely selling products, Honeysplace.com offers features that no one else offers. The website improvements focused on streamlining the ordering process, providing data back to our customers in real-time, having more detailed notifications and so much more.”

The new features include:

Custom data feeds
Dropship customers now enjoy product data feeds that can be customized. Customers may create as many custom feeds as they wish and retrieve them in XML, CSV or JSON formats. The product feeds contain all product data, including image references, all category data, MAP, MSRP, and wholesale and customer pricing.

WooCommerce data feeds
The WooCommerce e-commerce plugin helps online retailers sell anything on a WordPress blog. Honey’s Place offers a WooCommerce-compatible product data feed that is fully customizable for manufacturers and/or categories, so merchants may update the products on their sites with minimal effort.

Product reports 
At customers’ request, product reports now include MAP pricing, new products released during the past 90 days and an out-of-stock report that is easier to read.

Amazon native order imports
Customers now may download unshipped orders from Amazon and then import the file directly into their account. Each order fulfilled is then displayed for the customer to approve or cancel. Any order Honey’s Place cannot fulfill may be downloaded back in the original Amazon file format.

If the customer is using their own SKUs on Amazon, the website is sophisticated enough to look up the product by the UPC number.

Order approvals hierarchy
Honey’s Place now can set up different roles for buyers and managers. Buyers may create orders; managers will finalize and submit the orders. After a buyer submits an order, the manager will receive an email notification to view, make any necessary revisions and submit the order.

A second email notification is generated as soon as the order is transmitted to the shipping system. This notification is sent to both the manager and to the Honey’s Place account manager.

Real-time shipment tracking and delivery notification
Honey’s Place is now directly linked to all major carriers. As soon as a package is closed in the warehouse, an email is generated in real-time and sent to the customer, letting them know the shipment has been processed and providing the tracking number.

Merchants also may sign up for email alerts that let them know when shipments have been delivered. If the delivery required a signature, the merchant is notified as to who signed for it.

“We have many more features being worked on,” said Director of Technology Erik Van Riper. “It is an exciting time for us to be able to provide such innovative and useful features to our customers. If you haven’t logged into our website in a while, give it a try. We are happy to hear any and all feedback about features we have or that you need to help your business grow”.

To learn more about Honey’s Place and the products and services the company offers, visit the registration page on the company’s website, contact a representative by email, or call 800-910-3246.


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