4 Tips On Making This Your Sexiest V-Day Yet



With the day of love quickly approaching you might be stuck on how to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. You want to keep things exciting and fresh, and whether you’ve been in a relationship for years or have a special friend, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to get instantly closer to that special someone.

If you’re not sure how to turn up the heat, don’t worry, below are some tips that will certainly strike your sweetheart with the arrow of love and leave you satisfied too!

Try Out Role-Play

Let your inner fantasies out and try role-playing for an exciting twist. Role-play can be an enjoyable way to enact your deepest desires. If you and your significant other have never attempted role-play before, then start with ideas that are easy yet effective. Ask each other what scenarios you have always fantasized about, whether that means being a bad teacher and needy student, or delivery person and risqué homeowner, and go from there! If you’re feeling festive then dress up as cupid and give your partner your arrow of love. Feeling anxious is natural and if the acting is worrying you then don’t complicate yourself with a complex backstory, keep things simple. Role-play is all about spicing up your environment, maximizing the pleasure and having remarkable sex.

Experiment With Each Other

Sexy time is an essential part of any healthy coupling, you want to be able to make your partner feel extraordinary all night long. However, if you feel as though you’ve hit a dry patch in the bedroom then let Valentine’s Day be the perfect opportunity to shake things up. Experiment with things like tingling lube to intensify the experience or soft bondage if you want to crank things up a notch. When it comes to experimenting with sex, the possibilities are endless, so it’s important to go in with an open mind. Now’s also the time to address any bedroom issues you may have so nothing comes between you and your partner on Valentine’s Day. If you struggle with getting in the mood, a prescription medication like addyi can help treat low libido in women and get you back in the swing of things. Or, if you’re concerned about sex-related nervousness causing premature ejaculation, then try a topical spray that can help prolong and improve sexual performance in men. Don’t shy away from sexual experimentation because chances are, you will be feeling the love all night long.

Shake Up Date Night

If dinner and a movie are your usual date night plans, use February 14th to stray from your routine. Celebrate your love and go out on the town, go dancing or see live music that will get your hips shaking! This experience will not only put a smile on your sweetheart’s face but will get them excited to rush home and hop in bed. If you’re looking to stay in, try playing a sexy card game that will leave you both performing your wildest fantasies. Doing something out of the ordinary will make spending quality time with that special someone so much sweeter.

Get Creative With Gifts

Before you go blowing your last paycheck on a giant teddy bear and chocolates, think outside the heart-shaped box and get creative with your Valentine’s Day gifts. Make a deal to buy each other one gift you can incorporate in the bedroom. This will help set the mood for the rest of the night and leave you both craving a sexual surprise! If you aren’t sure where to start, consider purchasing a couple’s kit that includes all the basics for beginners. If you’re looking for something more tamed, you can never go wrong with purchasing massage oils to perfectly kick things off for the night. Getting creative doesn’t have to cost much, make your own naughty coupon book that can be redeemed at any point of the night!  Whether you’re thinking about buying your special someone seductive lingerie or something on the kinkier side, make sure you put the time and effort into finding the perfect gift.

Roses are red, violets are blue, don’t forget to make this V-Day sexy for your partner and you. Valentine’s Day can come with a lot of added pressure, from the gifts to the date you might not know where to start. A good starting point is always sex, and while you’re at making the rest of the night memorable, don’t overlook your time between the sheets!





The holiday season is quickly approaching, which can only mean one thing: time to loosen your belts and get frisky!

Your annual family gathering might not seem like the ideal place to get it on with your partner, but adding some spice to your holiday pumpkin pie might be precisely what you need to add some excitement to your relationship.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to help you make it through this Thanksgiving weekend.


Do: Let Off Some Steam

Thanksgiving is the first event to kick-off the holiday season, and having your whole family under one roof can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and built-up testosterone. If you’ll be introducing your partner to your family for the first time, sex can especially be a fun way to keep things light while balancing your family and reassuring your partner. Aside from just feeling good, sex releases feel-good hormones that can boost your mood and help you get through those sticky (no pun intended) family conversations.

Don’t: Stick to Your Normal Routine

Use this change of environment to your advantage. It might not be the romantic destination vacation you always wanted, but its a change-up from the norm. Experimenting with sex toys and sexy lingerie will keep things exciting and spontaneous, even in your childhood bedroom.

Do: Wait Until After-Hours

There’s no rush to jump on each other when the turkey hasn’t even been served. Wait it out; parents tend to go to bed early, and the suspense of waiting will enhance the experience altogether. If you’re worried about having difficulty performing or experiencing erectile dysfunction after stuffing your face, a medication like sildenafil can boost blood flow to your penis and get you back to being thankful. You may have to take down the picture of grandma on the wall to get fully in the mood, but that’s your call.

Don’t Be Afraid to Sneak Around

You’re not limited to your childhood bedroom- try slipping to the bathroom to get some alone time or even the kitchen after everyone has gone to bed… just make sure your parents aren’t midnight snackers! If you’re trying to keep it quiet, having sex on the floor can help avoid your old bed creaking away. However, if you still manage to bump into your cousins at every corner, use your car as a getaway and turn the heat up!

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Don’t let the holiday season put you through a dry spell because the table shouldn’t be the only thing getting laid this Thanksgiving!