Larry Flynt Passes Away at 78

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LOS ANGELES — Legendary adult industry pioneer and Free Speech icon Larry Flynt has passed away at 78.

The news was first announced by entertainment gossip site TMZ, and confirmed by other sources.

“Family sources tell us the mogul passed Wednesday morning in Los Angeles from heart failure,” TMZ reported in the afternoon.

A few hours later Larry Flynt Publications (LFP) released the following official announcement: “Larry Claxton Flynt Jr. passed away earlier today, Wednesday, February 10, 2021, in Los Angeles at the age of 78, from the recent onset of a sudden illness. He passed quietly in his sleep at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with his wife Liz and daughter Theresa by his side.”

A One-of-a-Kind Icon

Flynt was born on Nov. 1, 1942 in LakeVille, Magoffin County, Kentucky, the man who would one day become a venerated adult entertainment mogul came from very humble beginnings. Nonetheless, the industrious Flynt pursued an eclectic blend of jobs in his youth, ranging from his enlistment in the U.S. Navy in 1960 — where he served as a radar operator for the USS Enterprise (and was on duty when it recovered John Glenn’s space capsule) — to his brief stint as a bootlegger, as well as several months spent with the Inland Manufacturing Company, an affiliate of General Motors.

Then, Flynt began paving his road to fortune in 1965 when he purchased Keewee, his mother’s Dayton, Ohio bar, with $1,800 taken from his savings. He worked grueling hours at the rowdy establishment and soon had it churning out $1,000 a week. Riding on that success, the ambitious entrepreneur opened a high-end nude dancing bar he dubbed the Hustler Club.

In the years that followed, he successfully launched more Hustler Clubs in Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Toledo, Ohio, each of which raked in several hundred thousand dollars a year.

When the 1973 oil crisis triggered a major recession, cutting into Hustler Club profits, Flynt devoted more attention to the fledgling Hustler Newsletter he had launched a year before, revamping it as a nationally distributed adult entertainment magazine — with the first newfangled issue published in July of 1974.

What had begun as a two-page, black-and-white Hustler Club promotional publication in January 1972, growing to 16 pages, then 32 pages, now expanded exponentially, even as Flynt drew ire from distributors for explicit content like “pink-shot” pics of exposed vulvas.

The catalyst that truly catapulted Flynt’s mag into the stratosphere was his acquisition of nude sunbathing photos taken by a paparazzo, of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, which he bought for $18,000 and published in the August 1975 issue. The magazine flew off the shelves, selling a million copies in a few days, and cementing Flynt’s millionaire status in the process. Eventually, the publication would go on to hit a peak circulation of around three million at the height of its popularity.

An Adult Industry Legend

In the wake of that bombshell Kennedy issue, Flynt created Larry Flynt Publications in 1976, which branched out to include various ventures such as mainstream magazines and Hustler Video productions. The brand also christened Hustler Casino, which debuted in June 22, 2000. Soon, LFP’s ever-expanding umbrella organization oversaw everything from the publication of “Barely Legal” mags to the opening of the Hustler Hollywood Store.

The magazine, however, remains one of the most widely recognized pornographic publications on the planet. Besides its graphic depictions of sex, which sets it apart from the less hardcore fare of Penthouse and Playboy, Hustler became known for its features — the “Asshole of the Month” column would administer a verbal lashing to a public figure, the “Honey Hooker” comic strip portrayed the sexual escapades of Honey (as competition for Playboy’s “Annie Fanny” and Penthouse’s “Wicked Wanda”), the “Beaver Hunt” highlighted explicit pics submitted from readers, while its controversial “Chester the Molester” cartoon delved into taboo sexual encounters with young girls tricked into compromising positions.

Given the controversy of his adult entertainment products, Flynt was ceaselessly faced with backlash from all comers, but he held his ground as a free speech crusader to the bone. When he was battling an obscenity charge in Gwinnett County, Georgia, on March 6, 1978, a sniper attacked him and his attorney as they returned to the courthouse.

Partially paralyzed due to spinal damage from the shooting, Flynt suffered tremendous pain and eventually an OD-induced stroke, leading him to don his now-infamous gold-plated wheelchair. The man who shot him, Joseph Paul Franklin, was a white supremacist serial killer incensed by an interracial photo shoot in Hustler.

Free Speech Hero

Flynt would go on to wage numerous legal battles, like his U.S. Supreme Court brawl with Reverend Jerry Falwell in the Hustler Magazine v. Falwell trial, which inspired the Academy Award-nominated “The People vs. Larry Flynt.”

Other notorious fights include Keeton vs. Hustler Magazine, where the girlfriend of Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione, Kathy Keeton, filed a libel suit against Flynt for outing her via a derogatory cartoon published in 1976, and Flynt even took on his two nephews, Jimmy Flynt II and Dustin Flynt in 2009, for using his family name on what he considered to be inferior pornography at the time.

Flynt had also a varied political trajectory, from his affiliation as a Republican presidential candidate in the 80s to his identifying as a Democrat during Bill Clinton’s presidency. A firebrand known for taking on various politicians with bounties, Flynt once offered a $1 million reward for information on Mitt Romney’s unreleased tax returns and $10 million for evidence leading to Donald J. Trump’s impeachment.

In recent years, Hustler had revamped its site and launched a line of branded vodka, while continuing to open new locations of its iconic store and crowning monthly “Hustler Honey” girls.

Industry Reactions

“Without Larry and his fight for our first amendment there would not be an adult business as we know it today,” said Doc Johnson’s Ron Braverman. “Most today do not understand the struggles Larry went through to secure our First Amendment rights. This is all his doing.”

Metro’s Ken Guarino said, “Larry and I have been friends for decades. Besides being a legend, he was fearless and innovative. We owe him a great debt for having the courage and tenacity to defend this industry always. My heartfelt condolences to his wife Liz, who has been by his side for many years.”

Paul Fishbein recalled that he “often said during the formative years of AVN that if there hadn’t been a Larry Flynt, there may not have been AVN. He really paved the way, along with Al Goldstein for us ‘younger’ publishers.”

Flynt, added the publication’s founder, “took the raps, the obscenity cases and the bullets, so that we could enjoy free speech. And that goes for the whole adult industry, who owes a huge debt of gratitude to Larry.”

Former Penthouse owner Kelly Holland said, “There were three icons of this industry: Hugh Hefner, Bob Guccione and Larry Flynt. Each launched an empire in three subsequent decades and each was utterly unique in their approach.”

“As I wrote when Hugh Hefner passed,” Holland continued, “we are defined as much by our competitors as by our individual visions. And Larry had an impact on Penthouse. Larry was the ultimate disruptor and our industry’s champion of First Amendment rights. He blazed the trail we now all walk down.”

“The last of the titans is gone,” she concluded.

“Larry was a true pioneer of the adult industry, he will be truly missed,” added Kbeech’s Kevin Beechum.

‘A Remarkably Successful Businessperson’

Wicked’s Steve Orenstein hailed Flynt as “a pioneer in our industry.”

“You would be hard pressed to find a stronger advocate for freedom of speech,” Orenstein continued. “He paved the way for the rest of us to have a place and he will be missed.”

Industry attorney Jeffrey Douglas — chair of the Free Speech Coalition — described Flynt, with whom he shared stages over the years, as “a most important figure in American history, especially, but not limited to, the area of free expression.”

Douglas said it was “fortunate that the film ‘The People v. Larry Flynt’ exposed his remarkable story to a wide audience. He was political in all of his endeavors, and a remarkably successful businessperson, in real estate, gambling, marketing and an enormously wide range of magazine publishing.”

Characterizing the Hustler publisher as “irascible, idiosyncratic and astonishingly brave,” Douglas added that from his personal observations, “he lived with, but found ways to overcome, intolerable pain since the assassination attempt — yet he persevered.”

“We are lessened by the void his death has created,” Douglas concluded. “There will never be such a person again.”

XBIZ will continue updating this section with more industry reactions to Flynt’s passing.

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Boneyard Is Now Available at Honey’s Place

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San Fernando, CA – Leading Sextoy Distributor Honey’s Place now carries the fun and exciting collection of Channel 1’s Boneyard Toys.

The collection includes a variety of ultra-stretchy cock rings in varying sizes, made from 100 percent medical grade silicone.This fun and high end design is made by men for men.  They feature cock rings that includes soft touch silicone finish and feature a durable stretch. The cock straps come with three snaps on one end and two on the other, giving the wearer four sizing options. The 1.5” ball stretchers have three snaps on one end and one on the other, giving the wearer three sizing options.Featuring high-end designs for men, Channel 1’s Boneyard collection boasts what the company describes as “edgier designs aimed at amping up a man’s pursuit of sexual endurance and experience.

Boneyard’s Snake Oil Cum Lube is an incredibly slick, realistic and creamy hybrid blend. It is friendly with sheets, condoms, toys and gear, and the formula “feels like a silicone lubricant, but cleans up like a water based lubricant.”

“We have had many customers ask us in the last few years when they could get our products from Honey’s Place'” stated Rob Reimer CMO for Rascal Toys.  “The time has come. We know they have a very loyal customer base and it’s exciting to have our products now available from them”.

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Honey’s Place Introduces 2018 Valentine’s Day Buyer Guide

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SAN FERNANDO, CA. – Leading Adult Novelty Distributor, Honey’s Place is excited to announce and unveil their sexy and sultry 2018 Valentine’s Day Buyer’s Guide. This comprehensive, digital guide will feature well over 200 items to serve as a complete resource guide for both online and brick & mortar customer’s alike.

In preparation to fill your biggest seasonal needs, Honey’s Place has added new sexy lingerie releases from Rene Rofé, Oh La La Cheri, Fantasy Lingerie, and Mapalé. It can’t and won’t stop there as there are plenty more offerings from, Kama Sutra, Shunga, Earthly Body, Kheper Games and many other’s.

Each page of the Valentine’s Day Buyer’s Guide has clickable content for easy browsing so that customers can place their Valentine’s Day orders quickly by using their online account. The buyer’s guide will be an invaluable tool to make ordering the best-selling items quick and easy.

“We are elated to provide our customers with one of our best online catalog supplement to date,” stated Kyle Tutino, Director of Purchasing at Honey’s Place. “Knowing that well over 18 billion is spent on Valentine’s Day each year, we’ve realized that we need to offer our customers a Valentine’s Day Buyer’s Guide with plenty of selections.”


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Honey’s Place Launches Holiday Sale

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Honey’s Place has announced their Early Bird Black Friday Sale starting today and running through the end of November.

Now that Halloween is over, you might be alarmed to know that, yes, there are now only six weeks until Christmas. For most people, this means it’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping and avoid those last-minute rushes. Leading distributor of sex toys and lingerie, Honey’s Place wants to help you out. We are offering our Early Black Friday Sale today and rewarding those early bird customers with savings of up to 40% off of their wholesale price.

Our customers can expect deals from selected items from popular brands including LELO, Earthly Body,  CalEx, and The Fever Collection among others.

With only a few weeks away from Black Friday and Cyber Monday our sex toy and lingerie business partners need to be prepared for their busiest days of the year. Honey’s Place is offering these additional discounts to help our customers stock up with excellent values in preparation for the holidays. Other discounts do not apply to this sale.  Please contact your Honey’s Place Account Manager for more information.

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The most comprehensive retailer buyer’s guide in the Industry

San Fernando, CA– August 24, 2017 – Hot kittens and sizzling skeleton folks alike: it’s that time of year to wrangle the witches summon all things sexy! Honey’s Place, the best wholesale pleasure product distributor, is pleased to announce the release of the 2017 Halloween’s Buyer’s Guide.

This Halloween Buyer’s Guide is 25 pages with over 150 of the best Halloween costume and accessories from top selling designers including Leg Avenue, and The Fever Collection. The Halloween Buyer’s Guide is the must have tool to help retailers optimize their inventory for the upcoming holiday season for both online and brick and mortar store owners alike.

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The full-color Halloween Buyer’s Guide is available exclusively through and highlights brand new costume and accessories along with best-selling classics, complete with high-resolution images and wholesale pricing. The digital catalog can be easily printed allowing customers to print a physical copy within seconds.

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Honey’s Place Inks Deal with OVO

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San Fernando CA, Leading Sex Toy Distributor, Honey’s Place is pleased to announce that they have signed a semi-exclusive agreement with OVO Lifestyle Toys.

OVO products have been well received in the industry and continue to build momentum because they are answering the retailer’s call for pleasure products with high-end features at a consumer-friendly price.

“OVO’s award-winning toys are designed with versatility and pleasure in mind”, stated Helle Panzieri, Global Sales Director for OVO Lifestyle Toys. “OVO is perfect for individuals or couples to safely, discreetly and luxuriously enhance their relationships”.  “We are very excited to partner with Honey’s Place”.  “Their sales team”, added Panzieri, “is renowned for their product knowledge and dedication to their customers.”

According to the company’s website, OVO Lifestyle Toys is made using the quality materials. The OVO includes a vast collection of pleasure rings, kegal balls, mini vibes, vibrators, rabbits, and lay-ons in stylish new colors including the “Tiffany Blue”. Additionally, OVO is one of the only collection that comes with a 15-year warranty on all their products.

“Honey’s Place honored to partner with OVO to be one of their exclusive distribution partners”, stated Bonnie Feingold, President, and CEO of Honey’s Place. “The OVO line is an affordable collection that will fit well into any retail store environment”.

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Honey’s Place Releases 2017 Bachelorette & Bachelor Buyer’s Guide

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Southern California — Leading Wholesale Pleasure Product Distributor, Honey’s Place has announced the release of its 2017 Bachelorette/ Bachelor Buyer’s Guide.

This edition features 46 ad-free pages filled with more than 350 items and represents Honey’s Place collection of bachelorette/ bachelor party supplies, sexy lingerie for both men and women and other fun novelty party supplies. This fun and colorful buyer’s guide include popular party supply manufacturers such as Hott Products,  Candyprints, Kheper Games, Pipedream Products, The Fever Collection,  OMG International, Ozze and Little Genie.  

The full-color catalog is available exclusively online through and highlights brand new bachelorette and bachelor items along with best-selling classics, complete with high-resolution images and wholesale pricing. The digital catalog can be easily printed allowing customers to print a physical copy within seconds.

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Fleshlight Is Back at Honey’s Place

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Southern California- Back by popular demand! Leading distributor of pleasure products, Honey’s Place is excited to announce the return partnership with leading male masturbator line, Fleshlight. 

According to the company’s website, Interactive Life Forms (the maker of the Fleshlight) was founded in 1996 with the goal of providing men with a safe and healthy outlet for sexual expression. Since then, Fleshlight has sold over 8 million of their feel-good toys, expanded their line to include hundreds of different products, and is well known by the mainstream consumers, by scoring dozens of product placement in major motion pictures and TV series.

“We are thrilled to partner again with Honey’s Place in order to better meet the enormous demand for our Fleshlight products,” stated Tonja Hoyle, Wholesale Director for Fleshlight. “Honey’s Place offers topnotch service and fulfillment, which will enhance the customer experience for both retailers and users.”

Fleshlight is made differently from other male masturbator products. The sleeves are made in the USA with materials that are 100% phthalates free. The Superskin texture feels just like the human body. The Fleshlight’s patented design includes a hard outer case that contains the Fleshlight sleeve. Not only does this case contribute to the Fleshlight’s distinctive look and unique branding, it also makes the product easier to use and to keep mess to a minimum. The case design offers the user the ability to control the level of suction during use (by tightening or loosening the end cap) further heightening the experience.

By offering retailers more textures to choose from, Fleshlight created the Fleshlight Girl’s Collection. Only the most popular women in the adult entertainment industry have been selected to become a Fleshlight Model. Each Fleshlight Girl collection has a dramatically different feel and a very unique texture. The Girl’s line was modeled to provide the most realistic sensation possible for the consumer.

“Fleshlight’s unique patented design has stood the test of time”, stated Bonnie Feingold, President and CEO of Honey’s Place. “Because of their strong branding, our customers ask for Fleshlight by name.” “All of us at Honey’s Place,” added Feingold, “are excited to be one of the few distributors to be carrying Fleshlight”.


Honey’s Place would like to invite all who are interested in placing their order for Fleshlight, click here, or to contact their Honey’s Place Account Manager at (800) 910-3246 or email

ForPlay Lubricants Returns to Honey’s Place

Business, News Central, Sexual Wellness

LOS ANGELES — Leading distributor of sexual wellness products, Honey’s Place announced today that they reunited with pioneer company, Trimensa Pharmaceutical, the creator of ForPlay personal lubricants.

Consumers will notice the sleek and clean tube design packaging in the same classic labeling that consumer know and trust.   According to the company’s website,   ForPlay is the industry leader of premium lubricants for over 35 years.  ForPlay was the first water based personal lubricant to be manufactured in the United States.  These premium lubricants are made to the highest pharmaceutical standards for quality assurance and offer a variety of formulas and flavors that will fit every consumer’s need.

“We are very excited to reintroduce ForPlay lubricants to Honey’s Place customers”, said Carmen Mortazavi, owner and operator of Trimensa Pharmaceutical. “ForPlay is a trusted brand;  I see nothing but success.”

Personal lubricants such as Forplay, are being used more than ever.  According to the Research by the Center of Sexual Health Promotion, scientists have discovered the use of personal lubricants is on the rise. The younger group between the ages of 18-25 is seeing the highest increase in use.  ForPlay is not only FDA cleared,  but brands like ForPlay significantly help to reduce common condom breakage.    This helps in aiding the prevention of both unintended pregnancies, and with the rise of sexually transmitted diseases, lubricant use has grown among all sexually active populations.

Honey’s Place would like to invite all who are interested in placing their order for ForPlay Lubricants, click here, or to contact their Honey’s Place Account Manager at (800) 910-3246 or e-mail