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Honey’s Place is always excited to see our friends, from Blush.   Besides the yummy cookies they brought to our Account Managers, they wanted to talk to us about two new product lines that is causing a huge buzz in the adult novelty market.  The Gaia, which is the world’s first biodegradable vibrator and their new luxury brand company, Sola.

gaiadisplayThe Gaia is the world’s first biodegradable sex toy in the market. It has the look and feel of hard plastic. But the Gaia is very different.   Instead of being made of a standard hard plastic, the Gaia is made with a polymer compound called BioFeel that is mixed with common household cornstarch.  The BioFeel material is biodegradable and can be both recycled and converted into compost material.    With a reduction of greenhouse gases, a consumer who is concerned about protecting their environment, can enjoy pleasure and not have to worry about increasing their carbon footprint.

The Gaia Eco comes in three pastel colors and is elegantly crafted and classically designed.   The sleek shape is tapered at the tip for intense pleasure.  It is also multi speed, waterproof and 100%  Phthalate free.   Blush has also created an eco-friendly 12-count counter display.    This display will be perfect on a counter or can be showcased with other vibrators.

Blush’s sister company, Sola has created a beautiful collection that is designed by women for women.   Sola is designed for a woman and her partner to express their sexual wellbeing and to explore new depths of pleasure and relaxation.    As the team said,  “Sola is not just a brand, it is a lifestyle.”  The entire Sola collection is made from 100% silky soft medical grade silicone.  It comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty. Every product created by Sola is designed to give consumers the ultimate massage experience.solaegg

With the introduction of the Sola Egg earlier this year,  the goal was to create a  pressure sensitive device that was small enough for a consumer to take with them anywhere.

Sola also talked to the Honey’s Place team, about the Sola Sync.   The Sync is the first wireless remote personal massager.    This  allows the user to select a different massage speed or pattern with ease.  The flexible head is designed to hit all the right spots.  The extra long handle is ergonomically created to feel good in your hand and to reach all of those hard areas on your neck back and shoulders.  The overall texture and shape makes the Sola Sync feel wonderful look and feel.

The Sync is designed for your comfort! From the flexible head, to the smooth platinum silicone and the curved syncwirelesshandle; the Sync is so easy to use and bends to the contours of your body. The handle, button, and controllers were designed to feel good in your hand.


Blush also has some great products that are coming too.

In the Naturally Yours Collection, expect to see new items coming out in 2017.

Also a new collection will make it’s debut.  The Ruse’ Collection will showcase Blush’s newest editions of silicone dongs.

We would like to thank the entire Blush and Sola  Team family for taking the time in educating our account manager and that we continue to inform and to educate our customers about their very popular product lines.

Retailers are invited to visit  Honeysplace.com   to place your Blush and Sola orders.  Visit our website or contact your Honey’s Place Account Manager at   (800) 910-3246 or sales@honeysplace.com.



Sex Toy Material Guide Part 2: The Realistics

Sexual Wellness

The best “realistic” materials are made by Doc Johnson’s Ultra Realistic or UR3 and Topco’s CyberSkin®. Both are very soft and lifelike, mimicking the texture and elasticity of real human skin.  Because this material is so super soft, most dildos made with this realistic like skin material has a firm inner spine made of a harder PVC material to keep the dildo rigid for penetration. Because realistic materials are also very stretchy, many masturbators and pocket vaginas are made of realistic materials as well.


CyberSkin® is the name of a material made by Topco, but it used by many companies, as are many pseudonyms. Most CyberSkin® toys are either male masturbators, or realistic dildos. They feel very similar to skin, and their softness makes them popular. It is primarily only used to make Caucasian flesh toned items, such as porn star vagina/anus/penis replicas.  It picks up fuzz, hair, dirt and even newspaper ink in moments, and is very difficult to wash.

TopcoPros: Feels fairly similar to real skin, comfortable, easy to mold.

Cons: Very delicate, hard to keep clean, requires care and up-keep.

Lube compatibility: Water-based.




Ultra Realistic or UR3

The Ultra Realistic is the material created by Doc Johnson. The UR3 emulates the feel of human skin and a sex toy made from it gives the feeling of doing it with the real thing. There are certain attributes that are unique to this material. Firstly, the texture of this material can be made both soft and firm, just like the real skin. It can be molded in varying densities, which allows it to be made soft, firm and flexible realistically at the right places. UR3 has the ability to retain body heat for a longer period of time, which means it provides both the feel and the warmth of the real thing. The material can be made transparent or translucent and can be given any color.

Pros: Feels fairly similar to real skin, comfortable, easy to mold and phthalates free.Doc UR3

Cons: Very delicate, easily damaged by oil, petroleum and silicone oils.

Lube compatibility: Water-based.

X5 Ultra-Realistic Material

The X5 is the realistic material that was created by Blush Novelties.   The X5 has a soft yet flexible spine will allow you to bend and hold any position.  It also have the feel of human skin.  It is also warms to the human touch, making the feel very realistic.


Pros: Feels fairly similar to real skin, comfortable, easy to mold and phthalates free.

Cons: Very delicate, easily damaged by oil, petroleum and silicone oils.

Lube compatibility: Water-based.




TPR (thermoplastic rubber)

TPR, thermoplastic rubber, is a life like material that feels realistic. Used often in strokers, dongs, and life like toys, it closely mimics the texture of real human skin. TPR is a class of polymers with characteristics similar to silicone. Manufacturers such as  California Exotic Novelties’ uses TPR. There are phthalates free.

GNDPros: Phthalates Free

Cons: Not recommended for people with latex allergies.

Lube compatibility: Water-based.






This material used by Rascal. FleshPhallix a very realistic material. FleshPhallix is made from 100 percent FDA approved ingredients and is free from latex and PVC. This material feels  real, the plush firmness warms to the touch, and can be heated or cooled more dramatically prior to play.  Best of all, it is odorless and non-toxic.

Pros: FDA Approved, Latex and PVC freeRAST-JEREMY

Cons:  Requires care and up-keep.

Lube compatibility: Water and Silicone based.


Elastomer is often known as TPE (thermo plastic elastomer). Unlike the similarly named TPR (thermo plastic rubber), it is latex free, and is always phthalate free as well. It is a porous toy, which means you cannot share it, or use it either vaginally or anally unless you cover your toy with a condom. However, this material is a great, body friendly one, and if you’re not planning on sharing, it’s definitely a good buy. It’ll last a long time, transmits vibrations well, and comes in a whole array of awesome colors. While not quite the quality of silicone, it does transmit vibrations better, and is a bit more affordable as well. This is a great material for the budget conscious.

TPEPros: Comes in fun colors, can transmit vibrations well, phthalate and latex free, hypoallergenic

Cons: Porous, not as good quality or long lasting as silicone

Lube compatibility: Water-based or silicone-based




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