Fleshlight Is Back at Honey’s Place

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Southern California- Back by popular demand! Leading distributor of pleasure products, Honey’s Place is excited to announce the return partnership with leading male masturbator line, Fleshlight. 

According to the company’s website, Interactive Life Forms (the maker of the Fleshlight) was founded in 1996 with the goal of providing men with a safe and healthy outlet for sexual expression. Since then, Fleshlight has sold over 8 million of their feel-good toys, expanded their line to include hundreds of different products, and is well known by the mainstream consumers, by scoring dozens of product placement in major motion pictures and TV series.

“We are thrilled to partner again with Honey’s Place in order to better meet the enormous demand for our Fleshlight products,” stated Tonja Hoyle, Wholesale Director for Fleshlight. “Honey’s Place offers topnotch service and fulfillment, which will enhance the customer experience for both retailers and users.”

Fleshlight is made differently from other male masturbator products. The sleeves are made in the USA with materials that are 100% phthalates free. The Superskin texture feels just like the human body. The Fleshlight’s patented design includes a hard outer case that contains the Fleshlight sleeve. Not only does this case contribute to the Fleshlight’s distinctive look and unique branding, it also makes the product easier to use and to keep mess to a minimum. The case design offers the user the ability to control the level of suction during use (by tightening or loosening the end cap) further heightening the experience.

By offering retailers more textures to choose from, Fleshlight created the Fleshlight Girl’s Collection. Only the most popular women in the adult entertainment industry have been selected to become a Fleshlight Model. Each Fleshlight Girl collection has a dramatically different feel and a very unique texture. The Girl’s line was modeled to provide the most realistic sensation possible for the consumer.

“Fleshlight’s unique patented design has stood the test of time”, stated Bonnie Feingold, President and CEO of Honey’s Place. “Because of their strong branding, our customers ask for Fleshlight by name.” “All of us at Honey’s Place,” added Feingold, “are excited to be one of the few distributors to be carrying Fleshlight”.


Honey’s Place would like to invite all who are interested in placing their order for Fleshlight, click here, or to contact their Honey’s Place Account Manager at (800) 910-3246 or email sales@honeysplace.com.

Honey’s Place Valentine’s Day Buyer’s Guide Is Now Available.

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Honey’s Place announced today the release of a new comprehensive Valentine’s Day Buyer’s Guide. Featuring more than 250 items from 33 different manufacturers, the 62-page digital catalog is a complete resource guide for both online and brick and mortar customer’s alike.

oh-50-10112-rdosThis Valentines Buyer’s Guide features a selection of products with items from Kama Sutra, Lelo, Oh La La Cheri, Kheper Games and many others.   Each page of the buyer’s guide has clickable content for easy browsing so that customers can place their Valentine’s Day order quickly by using their online account.   This buyer’s guide will be an invaluable tool to make ordering the best-selling items quick and easy.3abf4de541fbad416872606d88e62931

“We are elated to provide our customers with one of our best online catalog supplement to date”, stated Bonnie Feingold, President, and CEO of Honey’s Place. “This Buyer’s Guide is a complete selection of Valentine’s Day products presented in a stunning format.   Our purchasing department has handpicked these items products to assist our customers in maximizing sales for the Valentine season”.

Honey’s Place encourages retailers to stock up now as they anticipate a surge in sales this Valentine’s Day season. To view the new and improved Valentine’s Day Buyer Guide, click here, or contact Honey’s Place at 800-910-3246 or sales@honeysplace.com.



Honey’s Place Now Taking Orders for Vive

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Honey’s Place announced the expansion of its Shots Toy offerings with the addition of the affordable luxury toy line, Vive.

According to Shots, “they came of with the name Vive is because of the fact that every toy has a specific feature and it makes you feel alive”. The Vive is an ultra luxury brand that has all of the bells and whistles at a great price point. The entire line is made of super soft European silicone. This beautiful ergonomic design with rose-gold accents gives the Vive a very glamorous appearance.

vive-shiatsu-luxury-wand-vibrator-8d7“Vive is taking luxury to the next level”, said Kyle Tutino, Director of Purchasing at Honey’s Place. “It is a beautiful line of luxury vibrators with unique designs and features.” Tutino added, “They also did an amazing job with their packaging.”

Not only is the Vive beautiful to look at, but the collection is packed with technology. The entire Vive line can be controlled through an app that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play or the iTunes app store With this app, the Vive toys can be operated via a Bluetooth connection, allowing the user to create their own personal vibration pattern.

“Striking is how I would describe the Vive collection, said Bonnie Feingold, President and CEO of Honey’s Place. “It starts with eye-catching and vibrant packaging. When the box is opened, you can see the quality in each product.” Being at a great price point”, added Feingold, “our customers will be excited to bring the Vive collection into their stores.”

To assist retailers and to introduce the Vive to their customers, POS material is available including planograms, banners, videos and lifestyle images to stimulate the Vive brand.

For more information about the Vive collection, contact a Honey’s Place representative today by visiting our website, www.honeysplace.com, email sales@honeysplace.com or call (800) 910-3246.

New Store Check List

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One of the most exhilarating parts of opening your new store is the preparation and build up to the magical opening day. It can also one of the most exhausting, overwhelming, and frustrating parts of the endeavor as well.

Honey’s Place is here to help you to be successful.

We have put together a checklist on what you need to do,  and need to know to get your business off the ground!Grand opening 2

  1. Do your homework. Now, we won’t spend much time talking about this, because honestly, if you’re preparing to open your business you should have already done this. If you haven’t done this yet, either take the time to do it or hire someone who can. Find out your product viability, seek out the competition, assess the risk vs the reward. DO NOTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED THIS STEP.
  2. Consider your location. Does your business require street visibility? Do you expect walk in traffic? Is there a certain part of town that is more frequented by your target market? Take the time and find the right space and the right type of facility.
  3. Hire professional help. Sure, it is great that your sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s aunt is a lawyer. Don’t skimp on this aspect of it. Hire a professional lawyer for real estate and rental negotiations once you’ve determined what space you want.
  4. What is your vision. While the motto for real estate is ‘location, location, location’, the motto for retail space is ‘design, design, design’. Create a design that expresses your business, your goals, your product.
  5. Establish your brand. This is different than vision. Your brand is how people will recognize you and first experience your business. It is your letterhead, your uniforms, your correspondence, your website. It is everything. Your vision is how you portray yourself: Your brand is who you are.
  6. Create Your Logo. You can work with a professional designer or with sites such as Fiverr.com to create a logo that sends the correct message about your store’s vision and brand.
  7. Get the permits and a real timeline from construction. So many businesses set themselves back and hurt their chances of long term success (or even fail) because of poor planning when getting permits. Permits take time. Construction takes time. Plan accordingly.

This is just the first in a long list of steps to help get your physical business started. We haven’t even talked about furniture, operations, retail supplies, hiring, human resources, taxes, policy creation, marketing, and social media. These steps just get you to the point of physically creating your space.



Honey’s Place Earns 5 XBIZ Exec Award Nominations

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San Fernando, CA. – November 3rd, 2015 – Honey’s Place, the leading distributor of sex toys, party supplies and lingerie, announce that their management team has been nominated for five XBIZ 2016 Executive Award nominations in the following categories:

  • Business Woman of the Year: Bonnie Feingold
  • Marketing Executive of the Year: Heather Feingold
  • Senior Leadership Award: Kyle Tutino
  • Tech Leadership Award: Erik Van Riper
  • Progressive Leadership Award: Inga Van Riper

Selection of nominees was based on a multitude of factors including leadership ability, positive community influence and overall career success as submitted by industry of their peers.

” Honey’s Place would like to thank XBIZ and their entire staff for the five XBIZ Exec nominations”, stated Bonnie Feingold, President and CEO of Honey’s Place. “We are all very grateful and honored to be nominated for such prestigious awards”. “My leadership team has worked very hard this year and I am very proud of each one for being recognized by their peers for their hard work”.

The XBIZ Exec Awards spotlight outstanding individuals who play a key role in the success of prominent brands. The award categories cover a range of occupations that make up the organizational chart of industry enterprises, covering business development, marketing, management, chief executives and more.

XBIZ Retail Exec Awards dinner will be held at Andaz Hotel on Hollywood’s famed Sunset Strip, on the evening of January 14, 2016.  The voting period runs through Nov. 15 at midnight. Votes can be submitted through XBIZ.net here.


Sellers Outside the State of California: Do You Need to Register with the BOE?

CA Resale Info

Honey’s Place requires its purchasers to register for a California sales tax permit if they will have Honey’s Place ship goods directly to any of their customers located in California. California Law CA Board of Equalization requires taxes to be collected on all orders shipped from the Honey’s Place warehouse, since it is located in California, to a consumer located in California. When Honey’s Place delivers goods directly to your customer (the consumer) the transaction is called a drop shipment.

What is Drop Shipping?

A drop shipment is a sale of tangible personal property (TPP), in which the seller accepts an order from a customer, places the order with a third party vendor (such as Honey’s Place or another wholesaler), and the seller directs his vendor (e.g. Honey’s Place) to deliver the item directly to the customer rather than himself.

Typically, drop shipment transactions involve two businesses, two sales, and one consumer: 

  • The true retailer is an out-of-state business. The true retailer sells the product to the California consumer.
  • The drop shipper, (e.g. Honey’s Place) sells the product to the true retailer, but ships the product directly to the California consumer on behalf of the true retailer.
  • The consumer in California buys and receives the product.

Which states consider drop shipping a nexus-creating activity?

In NY, FL and CA, the use of an in-state drop shipper by an out-of-state retailer is sometimes considered a nexus-creating relationship. In California, if a drop shipper delivers goods on a remote seller’s behalf, sales tax must be collected.

What is Nexus?

Nexus is when a non-resident seller creates a substantial, frequent and continuous, physical presence in the state. This includes, employees, drop shippers and affiliates.

Do I need to collect California sales and use tax when my business is located outside the state to use Honey’s Place drop shipping services:

If your business is outside the state of California and you have set up a drop ship account with Honey’s Place, we require you to have a CA resale certificate.

This is for all orders shipped from the Honey’s Place warehouse including:

  • Orders from your own website
  • Orders from Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Sears or any other online retailer
  • Any order that we are shipping products on your behalf through U.S. Mail, FedEx, UPS or another common carrier.

Under California Law, Honey’s Place must either charge sales tax on the California drop shipments or obtain a resale certificate from customers (the seller/retailer). Honey’s Place does not charge tax to the retailer or consumer. A seller must register with California in order to issue a California resale certificate. It is important to understand that if you call the California Board of Equalization (BOE) regarding your sales tax registration requirement they will advise on your registration requirement is based on whether you have created nexus in California. As an out of state Internet seller how you conduct your business determines whether you have nexus in California.

Note:  For customers who is out of the state of California, after completing your California Resale Certificate,  you must call  (916) 227-6600 to complete your application process.

Please keep in mind that when Honey’s Place delivers goods to a California location for you, the sale is subject to California sales tax even if the BOE advises you that you do not have nexus. The tax requirement the state of California places on Honey’s Place is why Honey’s Place requires all of its purchasers who will have the company drop ship goods for them to register in California or pay sales tax on the orders.

For more information on the out of state application process, click here.  

If you have any questions about Dropshipping or Nexus,  contact your Honey’s Place Account Manager or email sales@honeysplace.com