ForPlay Lubricants Returns to Honey’s Place

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LOS ANGELES — Leading distributor of sexual wellness products, Honey’s Place announced today that they reunited with pioneer company, Trimensa Pharmaceutical, the creator of ForPlay personal lubricants.

Consumers will notice the sleek and clean tube design packaging in the same classic labeling that consumer know and trust.   According to the company’s website,   ForPlay is the industry leader of premium lubricants for over 35 years.  ForPlay was the first water based personal lubricant to be manufactured in the United States.  These premium lubricants are made to the highest pharmaceutical standards for quality assurance and offer a variety of formulas and flavors that will fit every consumer’s need.

“We are very excited to reintroduce ForPlay lubricants to Honey’s Place customers”, said Carmen Mortazavi, owner and operator of Trimensa Pharmaceutical. “ForPlay is a trusted brand;  I see nothing but success.”

Personal lubricants such as Forplay, are being used more than ever.  According to the Research by the Center of Sexual Health Promotion, scientists have discovered the use of personal lubricants is on the rise. The younger group between the ages of 18-25 is seeing the highest increase in use.  ForPlay is not only FDA cleared,  but brands like ForPlay significantly help to reduce common condom breakage.    This helps in aiding the prevention of both unintended pregnancies, and with the rise of sexually transmitted diseases, lubricant use has grown among all sexually active populations.

Honey’s Place would like to invite all who are interested in placing their order for ForPlay Lubricants, click here, or to contact their Honey’s Place Account Manager at (800) 910-3246 or e-mail


Honey’s Place Boast Success with Tokidoki x Lovehoney Launch

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San Fernando, California — Wholesale sex toy distributor, Honey’s Place today reported that the entire collection of the tokidoki x Lovehoney collection sold out within an unprecedented 48 hours of their release.

This collection has grown in popularity amongst our customers because it targets the 18-30 years old market. The younger market is familiar with the Tokidoki brand.   Tokidoki is trendy and people are attracted to the bright and colorful packaging.

“We couldn’t be happier with the tokidoki x Lovehoney launch”, stated Kyle Tutino, Director of Purchasing at Honey’s Place. “The tokidoki x Lovehoney collection had the biggest buzz and demand from our customers that we have ever seen”.

Following the successful launch of the first series of tokidoki x Lovehoney collectible designer pleasure toys in 2016, Honey’s Place is also excited to announce that they will be bringing in their Series II collection. This collection of six colorful yet powerful bullets is scheduled to be available February 2017.   A colorful ‘kawaii’ range of exclusive POS will also be available with this collection.

Retailers interested in ordering tokidoki x Lovehoney or the Series II collection, visit  or contact your Honey’s Place Account Manager at (800) 910-3246 or

Honey’s Place Named Official Distributor for Partner and Partner Pro

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Southern California, Leading Sex Toy Distributor, Honey’s Place announced that they have been named as an official distributor for the couple’s vibrators from Partner Toy. With this announcement, Honey’s Place has also been named as the first distributor on the West Coast to offer this collection to their customers.

produktbild_partner_plus“We are very excited to be the first west coast distributor to offer the Partner & Partner Plus toys to our customers”, stated Kyle Tutino, Honey’s Place Director of Purchasing.

The Partner vibrator is a couple’s vibe that is worn during sex, stimulating both partners at the same time. The Partner couple’s toy offers dual vibrators to be worn during lovemaking to stimulate both him and her at the same time. The Partner Toy Plus provides more stimulation and fun together thanks to its dual motor. The larger diameter also intensifies sensation for the man during lovemaking. Both Partner Toy and Partner Toy Plus are rechargeable and comes with a magnetic USB charging cable.


“The Partner line is an exciting addition to Honey’s Place.,”, stated Bonnie Feingold, President and CEO of Honey’s Place. “The Couples Partner and Partner Plus are ideal for stores looking to bridge the luxury gap with options for every shopper’s budget”.

Honey’s Place would like to invite all who are interested in placing their order for the Partner and  Partner Plus,  click here, or to contact their Honey’s Place Account Manager at (800) 910-3246 or e-mail

What’s New With Blush

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Honey’s Place is always excited to see our friends, from Blush.   Besides the yummy cookies they brought to our Account Managers, they wanted to talk to us about two new product lines that is causing a huge buzz in the adult novelty market.  The Gaia, which is the world’s first biodegradable vibrator and their new luxury brand company, Sola.

gaiadisplayThe Gaia is the world’s first biodegradable sex toy in the market. It has the look and feel of hard plastic. But the Gaia is very different.   Instead of being made of a standard hard plastic, the Gaia is made with a polymer compound called BioFeel that is mixed with common household cornstarch.  The BioFeel material is biodegradable and can be both recycled and converted into compost material.    With a reduction of greenhouse gases, a consumer who is concerned about protecting their environment, can enjoy pleasure and not have to worry about increasing their carbon footprint.

The Gaia Eco comes in three pastel colors and is elegantly crafted and classically designed.   The sleek shape is tapered at the tip for intense pleasure.  It is also multi speed, waterproof and 100%  Phthalate free.   Blush has also created an eco-friendly 12-count counter display.    This display will be perfect on a counter or can be showcased with other vibrators.

Blush’s sister company, Sola has created a beautiful collection that is designed by women for women.   Sola is designed for a woman and her partner to express their sexual wellbeing and to explore new depths of pleasure and relaxation.    As the team said,  “Sola is not just a brand, it is a lifestyle.”  The entire Sola collection is made from 100% silky soft medical grade silicone.  It comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty. Every product created by Sola is designed to give consumers the ultimate massage experience.solaegg

With the introduction of the Sola Egg earlier this year,  the goal was to create a  pressure sensitive device that was small enough for a consumer to take with them anywhere.

Sola also talked to the Honey’s Place team, about the Sola Sync.   The Sync is the first wireless remote personal massager.    This  allows the user to select a different massage speed or pattern with ease.  The flexible head is designed to hit all the right spots.  The extra long handle is ergonomically created to feel good in your hand and to reach all of those hard areas on your neck back and shoulders.  The overall texture and shape makes the Sola Sync feel wonderful look and feel.

The Sync is designed for your comfort! From the flexible head, to the smooth platinum silicone and the curved syncwirelesshandle; the Sync is so easy to use and bends to the contours of your body. The handle, button, and controllers were designed to feel good in your hand.


Blush also has some great products that are coming too.

In the Naturally Yours Collection, expect to see new items coming out in 2017.

Also a new collection will make it’s debut.  The Ruse’ Collection will showcase Blush’s newest editions of silicone dongs.

We would like to thank the entire Blush and Sola  Team family for taking the time in educating our account manager and that we continue to inform and to educate our customers about their very popular product lines.

Retailers are invited to visit   to place your Blush and Sola orders.  Visit our website or contact your Honey’s Place Account Manager at   (800) 910-3246 or



Honey’s Place Forms Exclusive Partnership with JeJoue

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Honey’s Place is named as one of the exclusive distributors for Luxury Sex Toy Collection, JeJoue.

The nation’s leading sex toy distributor, Honey’s is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership naming Honey’s Place as one of two exclusive distributors for the high quality and innovated designs from the JeJoue and Ohh by JeJoue collection.

“Honey’s Place is excited and honored about the opportunity to partner with JeJoue as one of their distribution partners”, stated Kyle Tutino Honey’s Place Director of Purchasing. “JeJoue is an elegant brand with unique features. I’m happy that we will now be able to provide this brand to our customers”. Oh JeJoue Vegas Collection

This launch will include the original JeJoue collection of beautifully crafted designs but also the new Ohh by JeJoue personalized collection of interchangeable designs to satisfy any consumer.

The Ohh by JeJoue collection includes one motor with nine different shapes. This new mixes and match way of playing is new to the sex toy industry. Through extensive research, each JeJoue product is designed with both beauty and pleasure in mind. Both lines are well designed, made from incredibly smooth silicone, 100% body safe and has been developed with extensive research and expert insight.


“The collaboration between Honey’s Place and JeJoue brings another high-end niche brand that compliments the other niche brands we carry”, stated Bonnie Feingold, President and CEO of Honey’s Place. “With the Ohh collection, JeJoue has created a fun, discrete and an extremely attractive package that comes with unique interchangeable heads.   These ‘Pick and Mix’ accessories”, added Feingold, “will be a great value for any consumer”. “We are proud to become a partner with a company like JeJoue that is so highly sought after. “

Honey’s Place would like to invite all Retailers who is interested in the JeJoue and the Ohh By JeJoue collection to visit, to contact their Honey’s Place Account Manager at (800) 910-3246 or e-mail

Honey’s Place Now Accepting Pre-orders for Lelo Hex

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The condom that everyone is talking about, the HEX by LELO is coming to Honey’s Place soon.   Place your pre-orders now with your Honey’s Place Account Manager today.

The launch of HEX Condoms marks a milestone in condom design as the first to introduce a different structure since the modern condom was introduced more than 70 years ago. Citing a decline in condom use, LELO hopes it will promote safe sex by appealing to more people. Never has there been a more important time to spread a message of great safe sex than today, when STIs are back on the rise and condom use is on the decline. Condoms remain the undisputed best defense against unwanted pregnancies and STIs, but usage rates are at an all-time low.Condom-3_Desktop

LELO HEX’s goal was not to create another standard condom but to radically create a product that people will enjoy using.   The LELO research team has put in over 7 years of research and testing to create a state of the art condom. Their success was based on one key discovery: it wasn’t the material of latex that needed to change, but the structure itself. HEX is different because of its hexagon web of panels threaded through the latex. This not only gives the condom its unique design but also allows the condom to be thin but also to be strong like grapheme. With 350 individual hexagons applied throughout each LELO HEX, the condom’s surface tessellates and molds to the unique shape of the wearer. The result is a new feeling of intimacy and comfort never felt in condoms before.LELO-HEX_PR-Images_Product_Packaging_3-Pack_White

ILELO-HEX_PR-Images_Product_Condom_Fulln an exclusive interview from LELO’s Brand Ambassador, Charlie Sheen, he speaks candidly for the first time on condoms, why he feels condom usage continues to decline, and why LELO HEX can revolutionize safe sex for good. Charlie Sheen said, “Announcing my HIV condition gave me a new sense of purpose in speaking actively on sexual health. That’s why LELO HEX is such an important project for me. We all know condoms are the best defense against STIs, but less and less people want to use them. I hope my experiences can remind of their importance, while LELO’s innovation offers a genuine alternative. If you want to change how people see condoms, a great place to start is changing the condom itself!”

Steve Thomson, LELO CMO said, “STIs are on the rise and new ones are appearing at an alarmingly frequent rate. Meanwhile the condom has failed to keep up. Something needs to change, and for that we wanted a partner who was truly engaged on the topic, and would be able to engage a wider audience. Charlie’s personal condition is of course a tragic reflection on sexual health today, but he is also a symbol of change with the strength and courage to confront key issues head on. He has gone out of his way to fully involve himself in the HEX project, and we believe his participation will help drive safe sex and innovation to the forefront.”

Retailers interested in ordering LELO HEX or any other fine LELO collection, visit  or contact a Honey’s Place Account Manager at (800) 910-3246 or

Honey’s Place Now Taking Orders for Vive

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Honey’s Place announced the expansion of its Shots Toy offerings with the addition of the affordable luxury toy line, Vive.

According to Shots, “they came of with the name Vive is because of the fact that every toy has a specific feature and it makes you feel alive”. The Vive is an ultra luxury brand that has all of the bells and whistles at a great price point. The entire line is made of super soft European silicone. This beautiful ergonomic design with rose-gold accents gives the Vive a very glamorous appearance.

vive-shiatsu-luxury-wand-vibrator-8d7“Vive is taking luxury to the next level”, said Kyle Tutino, Director of Purchasing at Honey’s Place. “It is a beautiful line of luxury vibrators with unique designs and features.” Tutino added, “They also did an amazing job with their packaging.”

Not only is the Vive beautiful to look at, but the collection is packed with technology. The entire Vive line can be controlled through an app that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play or the iTunes app store With this app, the Vive toys can be operated via a Bluetooth connection, allowing the user to create their own personal vibration pattern.

“Striking is how I would describe the Vive collection, said Bonnie Feingold, President and CEO of Honey’s Place. “It starts with eye-catching and vibrant packaging. When the box is opened, you can see the quality in each product.” Being at a great price point”, added Feingold, “our customers will be excited to bring the Vive collection into their stores.”

To assist retailers and to introduce the Vive to their customers, POS material is available including planograms, banners, videos and lifestyle images to stimulate the Vive brand.

For more information about the Vive collection, contact a Honey’s Place representative today by visiting our website,, email or call (800) 910-3246.

Honey’s Place Announces New Partnership with Blewit

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Honey’s Place, Inc., announced today that they have teamed up with the innovative new pleasure masturbator product, Blewit. Blewit combines pleasure with practice, enabling users to improve their performance and self-confidence. Their goal is to have their users impress their future partners instead of building a long-term relationship with a cylindrical masturbator.
Honey’s Place Director of Purchasing, Kyle Tutino, was attracted to Blewit’s unique design.   “I was drawn to Blewit’s because of it discreet and modern design,” stated Tutino.  “I have not seen anything on the market like it”.

1454081424-hnkepo6fq3ecthoyth1fAccording to the company, Blewit is a patented product that is designed to perfectly stimulate intercourse and to enhance a user’s overall sexual health. The twisted octagon shape creates an ergonomic fit for both left and right-handed users of all sizes. The soft skinned sleeve is multi-textured for extra stimulation. Blewit also has a top cap with quick flip suction control and an airtight seal that creates a vacuum-like suction. The Blewit masturbator also includes two inner rings so users can adjust the desired tightness of the product.

In a statement from the creator of Blewit, CT Schenk stated, “We’re excited to partner with Honey’s Place, and to have them on board with our mission to promote mindful masturbation and enhance our customers’ sexual health, performance, and pleasure.”

“I am impressed with Blewit’s attention to detail of the design”, stated Bonnie Feingold, President and CEO of Honey’s Place, Inc. “The built in ventilation dock was designed for a easy cleaning and quick drying” “Blewit” added Feingold,” was created to be discreet and non-sexually oriented,

To order Blewit visit or contact a Honey’s Place account manager at (800) 910-3246 or

Honey’s Place Expands BDSM Line with New Joanna Angel Products

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San Fernando, CA. November 19, 2015, Forget about the gray, there is a new BDSM color in town and is now available at Honey’s Place.

Introducing the new colors of kink from the new Joanna Angel’s line of BDSM accessories from Kinklab. Evoking the adult film star’s personal style of Pink in black, the entire line combines punk rock with Barbie. Like each piece in the Joanna Angel Collection, this is designed in The Stockroom’s Los Angeles workshop, and comes in a specially selected color palate that evokes Joanna’s black mane with her signature streak of vibrant punk-pink.

AngelPowerPlayKyle Tutino, Honey’s Place Director of Purchasing says, “This line brings together the funny from the punk porn princess Joanna Angel and the quality fetish gear that Stockroom is known for”.

“I am truly honored to have my products distributed by another female-owned business like Honey’s Place, said the Punk Rock Starlet herself, Joanna Angel. “Working closely with Honey’s Place is very important to me, my company, and to The Stockroom. Everyone involved will benefit from this relationship. I look forward to getting all my amazing products from The Stockroom out to the masses.”

To order the Joanna Angel’s line of BDSM toys and accessories visit or contact a Honey’s Place account manager at (800) 910-3246 or


Honey’s Place Introduces the “ME” Collection

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San Fernando, CA – Today, Honey’s Place announced the addition of the ME Collection of personal mini massagers to their growing inventory.

All ME products are made of 100 percent FDA Approved silicone, latex-free, body-safe, phthalate-free and are waterproof submersible.

Displays can be adjusted for YOU! Choose YOUR Styles and Colors for YOUR unique NICHE or CUSTOMERS. “It’s All About ME! Who Else?” –Megen Rogerson Sr. Assistant Buyer

The ME Collection is the luxury product for everyone! The POS Display will make this an easy buy in for our customers.   Plus the eye-catching visual Display will make in store merchandising impact at any POS position and wall space.



“All the items are high-quality products made of silky smooth silicone at an affordable price point. Designed with YOU in mind, choose from 4 colors and 3 styles. All Styles come with 10 functions for you to find your perfect ME Moment, ” said Kyle Tutino, Purchasing Director of Honey’s Place.
To place an order for the ME Collection or to learn more about Honey’s Place visit or email